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Every single open position is missing from the chart.



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On 17/06/2021 at 00:41, nit2wynit said:

Hi, all of my open positions over 10 stocks aer not showing on the chart.

They are showing in my Positions window but I can't Ammend or Close from the chart as they aren't there.  On any of them!

Hi @nit2wynit,

once you click on  your open position on the left hand side, the chart will appear. Right click on the chart and make sure that in "Show" Open Positions is ticked as below :

If you still have an issue, please take a screenshot and send your query to helpdesk.uk@ig.com .

All the best - Arvin


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Hi, thank you for you reply.  

I thought I came back here to asnwer my own question shortly after i posted it.

Somehow 'P' brought it all back.  It's something I've experienced a few times over 2.5 years but never actually realised that pressing 'P' removes them.  Clearly my mistake.  Thanks again.

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