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Cant move stops



Please tell me im not doing something daft!

I cannot move stops. I have searched the forums and have seen a few others who are or have experienced the same. Moderators have suggested the change is too close in steps or that there is good/bad news imminent or that price changes are to volatile at the time of trying to change the stops.

Im not convinced.

In my demo account i have 11 positions open, a few shorts but mostly longs. Stops are "Normal". Markets are FTSE350 and one Nasdaq.

I have tried moving the stops tighter and broader. I have tried incremental changes in the Positions page. I have tried opening the stock page and dragging the Stop slider. I have tried tapping in a new stop in the Positions page. I have tried all my open positions both tighter and broader. I have tried adjustments while markets are open and on the closed market Nasdaq position.

I can see on some open trades where i move the Stop slider a gray band below the current price. I guess this represents the spread and/or 2% limit and when changing stops previously, this is the limit i could change the Stop to.

When trying on a stock open page I too get the popup confirming amendment but it never actually changes. It doesn't matter if I click the screen, click away or just close the tab. When I check next the stop has not budged an inch.

I have changed stops many times before but today none of my open trades can be stop amended.

Stop issue.PNG

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Hi @Potterwasp

Thanks for the query, 

When replicating your issue I found that a refresh of the browser seems to solve the problem. Have you tried doing the same? FYI the backend system shows all your stop amendments, so they would have executed if triggered. If a refresh does not solve the issue for you please try contact our IT team at  0800 409 6789 / +44 (0)20 7896 0079 or helpdesk.uk@ig.com.

 All the best 


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I noticed the same problem yesterday, kept changing a stop and it kept reverting. I went to the App to see if it did the same and saw that my change had registered! I went back to my browser logged back in and the change was indeed there. So yes, it looks like a simple refresh issue.

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