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  1. It really does not need to be paper bank statement. You should be able to download a statement digitally logging into your bank website and upload it to IG. I was able to verify that way, if it helps.
  2. Options are tricky to get right in the beginning. Its not enough to just reach 7775 to be profitable but it has to be greater than 7775+the premium you paid for the call. The premium has a time value in it which is eroding as option expiry date approaches.
  3. the max parameter is ignored when you pass from and to dates. see documentation for prices endpoint https://labs.ig.com/rest-trading-api-reference/service-detail?id=682
  4. I am guessing you may have figured it out by now. The expiry to be passed is "-". This value can be seen if you pass your epic under MARKET DETAILS in the companion.
  5. Not getting anything back when doing price history search. Instead returning HTTP 500 error as pasted in image below. Please could you fix
  6. Go to the info section on your chosen instrument, and under the "Dealing" section you'd see an entry showing Value of one point. it could be $100/point or $20/point or just £1/point depending on instrument selected.
  7. I have both long and short positions in Oil and everyday i get only a one line in my IG statement "Daily Commodities Interest for 1 day - US crude". I understand it changes from day to day. Could I have some clarity within the IG statement on what was the interest rate charged separately for long and short positions for each day please? Thanks
  8. if it goes down try selling? its only a demo a/c
  9. depends how far away/ or close you set the stop loss. shop around the options market to see if you can buy a cheap call or put which balances (similar to a stop loss) to cover your AUS200 bet.
  10. you dont have to pay overnight funding everyday if you change from daily funded bet to a future dated US 500 from the dropdown. just be aware of the expiry date though. not a perfect world.
  11. i think the FCA recognise the fact that traders can have a collateral when leverage/margins are given, and its just that IG does not implement it for retail traders. keeping your margins on both sides of trade is happy days risk management for the broker.
  12. its all smoke and mirrors. the house knows your stops, it sets the price and decides to trigger or not trigger, and even lets you win sometimes.
  13. Why has the US Crude Oil option margin for sellers gone up today?
  14. Hi @AndaIG Thanks for the info, I can see the transaction is reflected in the ledger summary. However this ledger summary is not useful as it has neither the opening balance and closing balances for selected period of 2022 so far, without which it is impossible to verify whether the money was really credited to account or not. Please could you reconcile the account not just for transactions but balances as well, as I suspect this has happened due to some IT error in your system. If you could forward me a statement which has opening balance and closing balances it will be immensely helpful, similar to the daily statements which has BROUGHT FORWARD and CARRIED FORWARD sections but on a larger time period. Thanks
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