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  1. open the second account in another browser or a new instance of browser perhaps.
  2. snookered. or maybe due to lack of liquidity
  3. afaik, ig will not charge spread as well if you hold all the way to expiry. the only problem is you have to open each of them separately and lose bit of precision with the underlying price and strike prices moving all the time on either side of call/put. which means if you close early you'd have to close the separately too. Also there may be a catch of 30 second (or some time) limit in some markets, with the amount of buying and selling you could place.
  4. i can imagine what you are going through as i myself had a 25K loss couple of months back due to bad management. its very easy for the mind to be clouded. we do know that the withdrawal process is not instant and could take 1-2 business days. also you could have moved part of your the funds to your shares dealing account (or even CFD) from the SB account to keep it safe temporarily from exposure from existing positions.
  5. how did you manage to buy those shares in 2 different accounts synced to the same instant. i would imagine the price to change if not. Under the statements, the Past activity report may help with the investigation. i cant think of anything else.
  6. I sold a Daily 31340 Put on the Dow and let the system buy it back at the close of day. How is it possible it was bought back at 164 when the actual close at 138?
  7. Hi @Charlotte, Its fantastic to have equity options but the whole option offering is really not user friendly or wallet friendly at all at the moment. What would it take for you to offer us atleast set a simple stop-loss within the options? Surely you don't expect everyone's eyes glued to their positions and manually close it, in case the worst should happen. Even better would be having the exact features already present, like take-profit, limit order or stop orders etc. see i have not even mentioned about the greeks....
  8. I have not checked today but within PRT under the Help menu itself you would find directions/links to all the help manuals for the version currently running
  9. The page does look updated but i find the download is still there.
  10. i dont think spread is a component that sticks to every trade, that a new idea for me. the bid/ask at the time of closing will apply, unlucky if it widens like out of hours etc. i don't think the big banks etc cares about fairness for us retailers in trading. looking at ways with their HFT and running stops and what not to reduce burden and fill their coffers in every possible way
  11. Depends on the instrument, for example Dow can move wildly anywhere around 50 points within few seconds especially around the open/close hours. Once i moved SL to +3.5 pts for breakeven but ended up with -2.5pts loss. now i add atleast 5pts extra for slippages.
  12. I don't know if anybody uses alerts effectively as they seem bit rudimentary; i cant find a way to modify an existing alert or temporarily disable them. copying a watchlist in between SB, CFD account rather than adding from scratch. Also in PRT (out of syllabus), i wish there was a way to see how much margin is required for the quantity entered similar to web platform.
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