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Are the markets really random?

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Listen trading is hard - 95% of people who try fail and would be best just buying and holding, but all those 95% lot, think that they are in the 5% bit!

Whatever you think the markets are doing is most likely WRONG and its probably why you're losing, as you're trying to trade counter, what the market plans to do

I believe that the markets move to mega mathematical principles, that are present in the universe and Influence the markets - If you study the markets like I have, you can't help but notice the respect the markets give to certain mathematical principles

People might think that the SP500 just stopped dead on March 6th 2009 at a price level of 666.79 "out of the blue" - but it didn't, there were a few factors hinting to that price level as well as the date and to top it off, it stopped at EXACTLY (0.01% error of perfection) 57.7% from the 2007 high - 57.7% is a sacred geometrical ratio, go see my Time Cycles page for a reference chart of the key ratios of the square, cube etc (then go to the covid crash of 2020 and note that the SP500 fell EXACTLY (again a 0.01% error of perfection) - these are just 2 examples of massive coincidence!

Look at these following charts - I select this market at complete random:

Decent bear swing - placed a Fib retracement tool on it


Then I converted the down swing/Fib ret tool into a GANN BOX - a Gann Box, HARMOCIALLY divides the range into 1/4's, 1/2's etc:


So "IF" markets work to the highest order mathematics, we should see some workings in the prices that follow the box

To get the following angles you could simply COPY the Gann Box across, but that would get too cluttered for this thread

As you can see I've simply extended the 25% Gann Box angle - oh look some coincidence!

Traders just watching the 38.2% ret line would be scratching their heads as to why it never reached!


Then extend the 50% Gann Box angle

Notice 1) Price jugged along it following the high reversal and 2) where the 25% & 50% CROSS = a market reversal (this is NOT coincidence believe me)


Then I've added the Gann Box angles to the end of the box (again if you'd of copied the Gann Box across, you'd have the same angles)

The things to note here are when the angles up and down cross the top and bottom extension lines of the gann box = some sort of market reaction



Now you might just think that this is a one off fluke

Here's the SP500 daily chart:

Look at the 50% Gann Box extension trend line!


and finally

The FTSE100 50% Gann Bax extension trend line:




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1 hour ago, THT said:

I believe that the markets move to mega mathematical principles, that are present in the universe and Influence the markets - If you study the markets like I have, you can't help but notice the respect the markets give to certain mathematical principles


Thanks for sharing great content @THT this was an interesting read.


All the best - MongiIG

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Here's a UK stock showing support on a down Gann angle from the Low-High Gann Box


ALL I'm showing you here is that the markets aren't random - the maths and angles from previous PAST market swings are carried forward into the future of which you will find for certain trading opportunities that you can exploit to your benefit

In the chart above Imagine having a buy order right on that down 50% extended angle - you don't need a massive stop either, by the end of just 1 trading day you were up at least 2R, protect open profits with a trailing stop and you're up closing in on 10R

This is exactly how I traded the chart above:

  1. If you go back 8 bars you will see a smallish bar sat right around/on the 50% level of the Gann Box
  2. I set a rising buy order above the high of that bar AND I set a buy order just above the 50% down angle line
  3. The order at the DOWN angle got filled and into the trade to then manage

Not all trades work out and you have to take a loss - HOWEVER, the confidence comes from KNOWING that the mathematical angles within accurate gann boxes WILL without doubt support some swing that, that markets makes in the weeks/months sometimes years AFTER construction of the Gann Box!

You do NOT need to be applying these boxes or trend lines to win



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On 15/07/2023 at 17:28, Stevo62 said:

Wow that’s fried my grey matter, but if it works 👍

Absolutely - All the box does is divide the range in time and price into harmonic divisions (which are the angles) - at least one of the angles will provide support or resistance for the months that follow

Which can be traded to a traders advantage

Any decent rally or correction can be used

Imagine that on a market, someone's throwing in a super-charged rubber ball, into a confined space/box and although we don't know the power of the throw, we know that at some point we'll be able to see the harmonic levels that the ball will "bounce" off - the hard part is for people to keep a watch


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Here's the FTSE100 Index on a WEEKLY basis:

MAJOR High to Low market swing covered by the Gann Box

Lets see if anything harmonically happens


Here's some (not all) of the angles that triggered "bounces":


Notice that when you get in the markets "uniform" rising lows as per the short BLUE angle line copied from the box those lows often "fit" a trend/angle line from the box Or the falling ones shown on the PINK angle line - those last PINK angles created the tops of the decline, then transformed to be support of the lows!

From a TRADING perspective - you can create trading methods from these simple angles

One would be SHORT the market every time a ORANGLE steep angle line is violated etc

The aim with trading is to make money consistently - any technique that  allows that is worthy of consideration

I've showed you the DAILY chart of the FTSE100 conforming to DAILY gann box angles from the Oct'22 LOW as can be seen on the WEEKLY chart

So its clear to see that the PAST action of markets AFFECT FUTURE price levels

For the time being, I'll leave this here and 


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One last one from this Box method, proving that market trends are not random

In the chart below I've shown the boxes that cover RECENT market movements

Then  I've just copied the angle lines from the box and placed at lows of PRAST/PREVIOUS market action

As you can see the angles work 

This is BECAUSE the thing that drives the markets CREATES the angles - so they will ALWAYS work

The hard part as a trader is working out which angle will work, I've never been a lover of trend lines but some you can just buy off with high probability of a reversal AND as these are market generated angle lines for the market you are working on - you have the confidence that the angles are accurate



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  • 3 weeks later...

The vast majority of people don't bother looking that far back in time

How many of you have looked all the way back to 1792 when the DOW was created?

I wrote years ago around 2015 that the DJIA was going to hit at east 50,000 by 2034 - It will most likely go much higher, as there's some major rallies still to come for the USA markets

That prediction was made purely off my understanding of the chart below 

The chart shows a recurring 16-19 year cycle that operates in the USA markets - it works BEST on the most SPECULATIVE market of the day, back in the 1900's it was the DOW, now its the NASDAQ, so the extreme effects this cycle has are best seen on the Nasdaq, however, when the cycle arrive, they will show up and be felt on all USA markets

This cycle can be evidenced right from 1792 to present, it has worked 99% for 2 centuries only failing in the American civil war period in the mid 1800's

Now if you embrace the cycle, you can start to make some absolutely highly accurate ECONOMIC predictions - you see as the cycle is in charge, all you have to do is work out what typically happens economically wise during a typical down/up cycle - Predicting the rise in Interest rates around the worth along with PRICE Inflation was one of the easiest calls I've ever made, years in advance 


Anyone studying the above chart will notice the similarities of the sections - this is not by chance

The DOWN sections have a similar look and so do the UP sections

ALL and I mean ALL those swing high and low points you can see in the DOWN sections can be TIMED to within a week of each turning point - i.e. the LOWS of 1907, 1942, 1974 and 2009

Notice how those low points mentioned above are in the middle of the cycle? That again is no random event, If you know the cause of the event and how to calculate it, you have the keys to being a brilliant buy and holder

So right now, based on the cycle, we can see and KNOW that it has 10/11 more years left in it, until it should top out - that means the USA markets should be going much much higher - as a very simple observation:

  1. There should be further high octane steep price rallies still to come, that HARDLY correct
  2. Think of the "Economic" Implications of those rallies
  3. Right at the END in 2034, the markets, "experts", media/journalists and whatnot will be spouting the good times are here to stay, then bang, they'll have the rug pulled right from underneath them, EXACTLY as it happened in 2000 and 2008
  4. Interest rates are STAYING at these levels, they ain't going down to sub 2.5% for decades, before that happens they WILL move into double digits
  5. Price/Food Inflation subsides in 2024 (this is based on the rolling 4 year cycle that operates in the soft comms markets - at which point the govt will be saying "We brought down Inflation for you"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Mega crashes like 2000/2009/1974 etc just DO NOT HAPPEN during the UP cycles - "1987" type events do, but are very quickly moved on from as you've seen in 2020

This cycle REPEATS FOREVER - your great great great grandchildren will be subject to the effects of these cycles during their lives, if stock markets exist then

In the next post I'll show you how I predicted in advance the August 2015 crash - on the chart above it looks tiny, but at the time it resulted in very healthy profits AND allowed for a further "buy in" into the lows of a market set rise for 16-19 years!

In that chart it references the major time cycle - that is basically the last 2 brown lines on the chart above - the Important thing is back in Oct 1998 when the 2nd to last brown line was confirmed you could have calculated the August 2015 crash 

If you want to confirm that call right now, then you need to visit my TIME CYCLE page and those DATES are shown on the very 1st chart of that thread - you will see that chart was created months before and on that chart the BLUE lines are the BROWN lines on the chart above

On a completely different matter, if you performed VECTOR analysis on all the major swings of the DOW in that chart, so including price and time into 1 vector using Pythagoras Theorem, you would notice that those vectors relate to the SQUARE, CUBE etc as I've been saying in previous threads over the years - that's because the DOW  has and is BUILDING an ever expanding CUBE - the MATHS proves it



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Years ago, I had an MT4 auto trendline indicator that drew those angles automatically. All can say is that it's way easier for me to analyze them in retrospect than it is for me to live trade them. If you're able to do so, power to you.

Since then, I've taken time and volume completely out the equation and I focus entirely on the Y axis of price movement... and only a narrow span of right-most price movement at that. Although, this has been lucrative for the past 18 months, it further begs the question... Is the market random?

On one hand, I'm able to predict the probability of a favorable move in the instrument that I trade by using a very small amount of price data... a "pattern" if you will. The probabilities repeat over and over again in chart history. This seems to suggest that the market is not random.

On the other hand, I use an insignificant amount of data for indiviual entries combined with dynamic exits to allow running trades to leave my stop-outs in the dust. You could say the exits are the real breadwinners. This seems to suggest that the market is random.

This is an age old theoretical question... 100% market efficiency theory  = total and unpredictable market chaos, but anomalous market theory = predictable and exploitable events.

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Hi @JohnnyRy

I only trade a few of them - just showing how you can fit past movements to future movements

Mainly to try to get people to "think" (know I'm on a losing battle there lol) and I'm only showing the basic stuff

I never look at volume either, but I do look at time, especially long term time cycles, I've satisfied my mind without a shadow of a doubt that those big cycles repeat time after time to amazing accuracy

The day to day wiggles and jiggles are hard to pin-point, but eventually it all comes together to form the "AHA" moment - Especially the "Internal" cycles to the long term time cycle shown above 



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Here's the prediction BEFORE the event and you can grab a chart to see what happened on the VERY day


Here's the original Time Cycle chart previously mentioned:


The 2 LOWS in the 1960's and 2000's haven't been shown, but there are active TC's for those lows too

The "KEY" Is working out the sequence and then working out what the market should do 

For Instance:

During a DOWN section, you would find the RED cycle line and presume that it will be a HIGH/TOP, down into the cycle LOW (not shown 1970 & 2003) between the RED & BLACK cycle lines, then UP to a HIGH/TOP at the BLACK cycle line and then down into a LOW  (not shown 1974 &2009), then UP for YEARS

The END of the 16-19 year cycle typically ends in some sort of bearish price action of varying degrees - this DEPENDS on whether the RED cycle line arrives before or after the BLUE cycle line

then you work out the Internal cycles for the UP sections (1982-2000) and that is how you can make predictions based on HISTORY and as shown in my Time Cycles thread - timed the "Covid" crash to within days

The whole bias of the USA stock markets are UP, some sections are more UP than others and its possible to be able to "TIME" some of those sections and turns

I've not shown you the UP sections, as you can see it's virtually pointless timing the Internal sections within as they are ALWAYS - 100% hit rate in 2 centuries of price data - ALWAYS quickly recovered

I just like to know the dates so that if there's a decent crash like the one into Dec 2018 / Feb 2020 and Jan 2022 I can buy in around the lows etc to trade etc

PS - a "1929" style crash won't be seen for a long-time, they happen every 70 odd years and the last one happened in 2000 if you look at what the Nasdaq did

Over the next few decades as more and more price data collects for the Nasdaq, these cycles will be more prominent on that Index as they show up on the most speculative stock Index of the time and that is the Nasdaq  

The current UP cycle ends in 2034, all we do is project the RED line (if you know the formula) from the BLUE 2016 start line and we get a DATE that this UP cycle tops out on - from then on expect a very turbulent ride for the DOWN cycle

Above you have the BLUEPRINT of the market - Its taken me years of research and whatnot, so I don't give the detailed content away


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You can ALWAYS find price relationships of some degree

So as the NEWS channels flooded the market with "Covid" crash!

Spookily topped out 1 point from perfection! 2 x price range of the 2007-2009 crash


If you have a circle tool on your charting software or you could just print off the chart and use a compass and pencil! - you could use the 2007-2009 crash swing as either (or try both) the RADIUS or DIAMETER of a circle to see if anything crops up on BOTH the PRICE levels and also the TIME levels too

Remember a quick and easy way to work out diameter is to double the radius - so the "Covid" crash top came in within 1 point of of perfection of the DIAMETER of a circle (2 x A-B) if A-B is used as the RADIUS

The problem you'll have with circles is the SCALING on your charts - so be careful, as the circle will change at every rescaling of your software if you change the scaling or move around the chart

The simple solution here is to take vertical and horizontal trend lines of the size of the circle and then "copy" them onto your charting software and you will have EXACT lengths that you can move around your chart

Remember EVERYTHING in our lives is based on NATURAL LAW, which is created by MATHEMATICS, which involves the CIRCLE, SQAURE, CUBE etc - this is a UNIVERSAL LAW, that is FACT - these LAWS exist in the man-made world of financial markets that display the fear and greed of mass human emotion, shown on price charts and proven by mathematics and mathematical relationships


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Now "IF" you truly think that the markets are NOT random and that they follow some sort of pattern, then you should be able to work out what that pattern is and create a method to track/follow it

I only joined this site in 2020, however, I've held these thoughts since 2010 - The markets are set in stone to follow cycles, I've proved that to myself beyond doubt, how those cycles are created who cares, if the market follows them, we want to know and be aware of them

Below is a UK stock - the RED line is the composite index of the 3 long term cycles identified for this stock

We could apply more cycles if we wanted to, but I'm willing to bet 99.9% of Investors in that particular UK stock don't have a scooby doo about these 3 dominant cycles it works to and I'm willing to bet most of those long-term Investors HELD on through all the peaks and troughs

Whereas, your smart cookie Investor - buys and sells according to the RED line (and or shorts the stock too!) 

We're in this game to WIN 

There's absolutely no doubt whatsoever that:

  1. This UK stock tops out at the cycle peaks of the YELLOW cycle line and
  2. This UK stock bottoms out at the cycle troughs of the PINK cycle line and
  3. This UK stock long term cycle trajectory follows the BLUE cycle line and
  4. When you combine all those cycles together with the correct mathematical formulas, you create the RED cycle line which within reason, the market should follow to a high degree of accuracy


There are some markets that I've tried to match cycles with and its been too complicated - forget those markets and find ones that you can match cycles

All we are looking for are these cycles to predict likely direction for the market we follow and then we can decide when to be an Investor/Trader and when to bail out of that market

I'm on hols soon, but on my return, I'll show you the DOW Index from the late 1800's to 2000 and as those cycles simply REPEAT you can forecast forward 100, 200, 300........years 



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Here's a bonus for you

SP500 Index :

These are GANN Angles - they are EXACTLY scaled for the SP500 Index (other markets will have different scaling)

I've previously shown some of this on here

Quick Recap:

  • We have the Jan'22 HIGH - You can see these precise Gann Angles correctly timed and priced the bear market with the PINK 1 x 1 45 degree gann angle - EXACTLY, months ahead of time
  • This 1 x 1 angle coincided with the 50% level of the March 2020 low to Jan 2022 high (range)
  • When this happens you can buy with very high confidence the levels will hold with a stupidly tiny stop
  • Then you place UP Gann angles from the Oct'22 LOW

Looking at the chart below:

We can see our Gann angles going DOWNWARDS on the chart from the Jan'22 HIGH AND the angles going UP from the OCT'22 LOW

The bright green slow moving down angle and pale green up angle meet and the market caves in

The pale green UP angle is a 1 x 1.25 angle - you can see it supported price well as price rose off the Oct'22 low, then it provided resistance 

etc etc etc

You can quite clearly see that there's something to these gann angles - as just in this chart there's simply too many hits for it to be coincidence


Then if we apply Gann's saying that "All market swings are related mathematically to one another in some way"

We can run up very simple 100 tick values per bar from prior lows and get this chart:

Orange angles are the 100 value from swing lows in 2021

Again if they weren't EXACT we could put it all down to random coincidences - but the thing is these things just keep on REPEATING thousands of times

I've shown you elsewhere how the 100 value angle UP from a low in 2016 arrived at the Oct'22 LOW price


Everyone tries to fit the 1 x 1 angle, sometimes other angles are more active and live than the 1 x 1 


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You see and this should also be in my Time Cycle thread 

Cycles that operate in the market just REPEAT, over and over and over and over - throughout history

You never get the exact same repetition, BUT VERY SIMILAR 

Above I showed you a repeating 18 yr ish cycle in the USA markets operating in an UP (Inflationary) and a DOWN (Deflationary) fashion - The DOWN sections cause ALL the big bear markets

WD Gann created an Emblem/logo that showed various points around a circle - the red boxes in the charts below are repetitions of just 1 of those points of the circle

What I've done is is forward projected the mathematics from the red boxes in the 1966-1982 chart and shown in the 2000-2017 chart as red boxes

The thing to notice is that TIME predicted the red boxes - NO price predictions were made - I will at some point give you the dates for the next occurrence but I can say that the Red Boxes on the far LEFT of each chart predict a TOP/HIGH in the year 2034


As you can see I produced these charts in 2015 looking for the 2015 turning point as predicted by the last RED Box TIME (not price) and as you can see we NAILED the timing on that

(If you look at a chart going forward from 2015- you WILL NOTICE that the 2015/16 price action followed the SAME FORM (Up then down to a lower low then UP) as was printed in 1982 - this is because the time cycle is the same and you are simply getting a repeat of it)


If you read my TIME CYCLE thread, you will notice a couple of wally's (you always get them) said that in trading and Investing nothing is certain or guaranteed, I could of posted this post back when they challenged me, but choose not to - Well the Time Cycle above IS one of those very rare guaranteed certainties that the market creates

The 2034 date WILL be GURANTEED a HIGH/TOP - Predicted 11 years in advance

The other dates will be high or low points guaranteed or as people take things literal - they will be significant turning points in the market

The thing to bank is that the:

  • 1st RED Box in 2034 will be a HIGH/TOP
  • 2nd RED Box date will be either a significant high/top or a significant low 
  • 3rd RED Box will be a significant high/top or a significant low of the likes of 2007 or 1974
  • 4th RED box will be a LOW area turning point GUARANTEED

The MID-CYCLE high/low alternates between a high one time and then low the next, in 2007 it was a high and in 1974 it was the low

Now to slightly "muddy" the waters - the REASON that the overall shape/form of the 2 sections doesn't "line-up" or look the same is that the big 16-19 yr Time Cycle that controls the UP/DOWN sequence repeats on a different cycle - which is why in the Nasdaq from 2000 + the generic form looks like the form from 1929

In 2034 the big cycle should repeat with a form more like the form in 1966-1982

But you can't argue the red boxes

The main thing to take away is that TIME CYCLES created the red boxes, they REPEAT and when they repeat, they produce extreme and significant turning points in the SP500

I will reveal the exact dates sometime in 2025

Markets aren't doing what 99.9% of people think they are doing, join us in the 0.1% that do


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Here's the DOW Comp Index (created by an amazing and very Intelligent USA trader/researcher)

I did NOT create this comp Index

Can't argue with hard FACTS and the accuracy is amazing, as it has been since 2000 to present

Ignore the BLUE dashed line - The RED line is the composite Index of numerous cycles combined

The crucial part to all this is piecing it all together so you KNOW when the market is expected to top out (2034) big time (1st red box in chart above in the sequence) and then bottom and bounce (big time) etc (3rd red box in the chart above in the sequence)





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  • 2 weeks later...

and the comp cycle from 2000

No one in their right mind would argue the accuracy

This comp Index was created in the 2000's

So not only is it a very accurate guide to the DOW's direction, it will also time ECONOMIC "events" and that means that if it can do all that stuff, THEN MARKETS ARE NOT RANDOM - they are PRE-BUILT on a course set by the cycles that dominate 

I KNOW how absurd it sounds and to Invest/Trade to cycles - because it goes against every logical thing you have been told about the markets - but you also have to consider the stats that 95% of people who try to trade FAIL, most likely by using the methods/techniques out there (that don't really work)

Over the years, I've looked at lots of methods out there, trading the news, fundamentals etc - NOTHING compares to cycles

In the chart below from 2000 to present - note that the comp cycle Index foretold the bottom in 2003, the top in 2007 (remember its not exact in timing, but generic), the bottom in 2009, the sideways mess of 2013, the double bottom lows of late 2015, the top in 2018, the 2020 low, the 2022 high!

Remember the composite cycle Index was built and released in 2002! As it modelled pre 2000 very well, you would then have confidence post 2000 

As I have this modelled to the 2100's, some of the turns will be very significant tops and bottoms, this means that those significant tops/bottoms will also be very major economic "events" of the future, If this is true, then it means that those "events" are already written and just waiting to happen, which I'm sure you will agree cannot be so if everything is random



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Here's the EURUSD - BOX method

All we've done here is "BOX" (THICK lines) geometrically the price decline from high to low - no fancy whacky baccy manipulation of anything and then we simply have REPEATED the original "Box" to the future (at time of publication we are half way through the repeated box and the colour of the angles has been reversed to show the differences)


As you can see and prove to yourself - some of the angles have repeated and provided support/resistance 

We all know that at times price action can be a law until itself - this and previous posts shows you that It's all obviously linked

WD Gann said "When 1 angle fails, price falls to the next lower angle" 

The true SECRET, is that the conditions that cause BOX 1 to form, repeat and Inverse in BOX 2 to certain degrees, which is why the UP angles from a DOWN original BOX 1 work in the copied/repeated BOX 2

Its not exact, but it shows you something else is at hand in the markets



I will show you in a future post the EXACT reason that the EURO bounced in SEPT 2022



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Here's the reason that in SEPT 2022 the EURUSD bounced "out of the blue"


To keep this very simple:

  • 90 Degrees is 25% of the circle - 4 lots of 90 degs and you get 360 degs which is a circle
  • Planets cycles around the sun are not perfect circles, they move in an ellipse egg shape - this is the REASON why in the chart above the 1st cycle of 90 degs was shorter than the 2nd cycle in terms of days
  • The result on ALL occasions was price rallies of thousands of points/pips!
  • This is NOT Astrology, it's ASTRO - As you can see the market in the EURUSD price history, there's 3 very very accurate hits to this cycle and market turns - All we are using are the exact 90 degs of this planetary combo nothing else, just plain exact planetary positions
  • Markets don't just turn out of the blue, they will have hit a major planetary line that that market works to - this is often coupled to exact mathematics in terms of % retracements, falls etc



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  • 3 weeks later...

On 19th August I published a chart of the SP500 Index with an arrow at the high

The chart below takes the analysis 1 step further and ASSUMES (very very very very few people in the world would bother with this) - that the trader looks at TIME

If they had, they would have seen:

  1. That TIME in the number of trading bars from the OCT LOW was EQUAL to the number of trading bars DOWN from the Jan'22 HIGH
  2. Point #1 coincided with a Gann Angle DOWN from the Jan'22 high
  3. As well as the true 1 x 1 Gann Angle squaring the Jan-Oct'22 RANGE

Now a seemingly normal trendline from the OCT'22 LOW to the 1st correction LOW of 2023 looks like it stopped the market dead last week - this happens sometimes, which is why it can throw confusion into the analysis of what a trader is to use

The USA markets work on a 6.5 hour trading day - that trendline is the 1 x 2 gann angle if you "alter" the TIME factor of the angle to work on TRADING HOURS

You ALWAYS need to look at multiple options to see what the market is working too, as it does not just do 1 thing!


Keep an eye on the market for reversals when each of the Gann UP angles "Square the RANGE" of the Jan-Oct'22 range, especially the bright BLUE 1 x 2 true Gann angle AND this seemingly innocuous TIME adjusted 1 x 2 Gann angle

The key message, is to always be looking for time coincidences - As WD Gann said in the 1900's "When Time and Price balance, the trend changes"


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Here's some more clues as to what the markets are doing - Remember, this just would not work if markets were random

This is Gann's Square of Nine (9) - He used it to work on both price and time

It's basically a spiral of ORDERED numbers around a circle of 360 degrees, divided into sections 

If you look closely enough you will see if you pulled number "1" up and towards you, the form would create a PYRAMID 


As you can see in this simpler Gann Sq of 9 below, we can split the sq into GEOMETRICAL harmonics, in this case this is a cardinal cross

Get the reference number point "61" and work through 65,69,73,77,81,86,91 etc - you can follow the sequence easily enough and see that those prices are following the natural order sequence of those cardinal point cross points......................


Here's those points in TIME (MONTHS) from the Oct 2022 LOW on the SP500 market - As you can see MANY MANY hits to the month and then the market reversed to some degree - KNOWLEDGE of this method would of allowed you to place those dates on your charts in 2002! YEARS in advance and this is just one method of many that pinpointed the 2009 low from a TIME perspective 



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As you can see from the threads I've written and produced, I probably do far more analysis and on a different level to 99% of other market participants

Here's how I timed and forecast to within 1 point the Jan 2022 TOP

Remember WD Gann said that PRICE & TIME were the same thing and when they balance reversals happen - which is EXACTLY what happened in Jan 2022 (and then again in Oct 2022, hence the bounce)

To make a very accurate prediction you need either Price or Time to confirm, if you know the price, you don't need to know the time and if you know the time, you don't need the price - KNOWING either is the KEY

Now this doesn't happen all the time, its rare enough to disinterest those who can't maintain focus over the years and lack patience 

Those who've read my ramblings, know that the markets seem to work to GEOMETRICAL mathematics - which is very likely seen as EVERYTHING in our life, world and universe complies to those very mathematical LAWS

To aid you're understanding, below is a screenshot of ratio's of the SQUARE - the ones on the left are CONTRACTING ratios and the ones on the right are EXPANDING ratios


Below is a chart (Ignore the Indicators) showing a PRICE RANGE multiplied by one of the expanding square ratios and projected from the price low in 2016 - the chart should be easy enough to understand

Notice that the INVERSE ratio of the square stopped the market virtually exactly in 2020!

Please note - markets do NOT just stop in random price levels, they are likely to be key mathematical reference points - take the March 2009 SP500 LOW of 666.79 - that stopped bang on (tiny bit of slippage) the 57.7% contracting ratio of the CUBE - which you would see if you ran the MATHS dividing 1 by 1.732 (sqrt3 which is the diagonal of a cube and also a TANGENT function of a triangle)


To back this price level up, we also had the following:

Details on the chart should be easy enough to follow - this is another geometrical ratio of the GOLDEN RECTANGLE coming together at the exact same price level as the other separate ratio shown above! 

Eventually price fell to the 50% range level and then "suddenly" bounced off it (little bit of slippage) and as you can see from the ratio table of the SQUARE above 50% is a contracting ratio of the SQUARE


If you "look" at markets in a 3 dimensional way, you start to see price coming TOWARDS and going AWAY from your line of vision on a 2D price chart

NOTHING is random in the markets - NOTHING- we might not understand everything, but when you piece together many many instances it gets to the point whereby it just is not randomness


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If you want to succeed in this game you have to know and understand the rules - 99.9% of people don't, but of those a few % slip into the trading success net

It's not my Intention to show you how to trade or make money - I'd be loathed to help some greedy wealthy person increase their wealth, through a easy trading method, but I'm happy to show you the TIME side of the markets, because I know hardly anyone will take note or use and it satisfies my "I tried to help them" lifes reflections etc

Above I showed you Gann Square of 9 showing MONTHS on the SP500 and that lots of those turns on a monthly basis came out on KEY points on the Sq9 - namely the UP, DOWN, HORIZONTAL and DIAGONAL lines/points

If you quickly study the chart below, you will see lots of times the EURUSD hit some of those points nicely, look at month 218 & 257 as examples - now scroll up and look where those 2 numbers are located on the Sq9

They are smack bang on key positions of that Sq9 chart - All I want to show you is how freely traded markets are somehow landing on pre-built number sequences over and over - not every one is a direct hit, but I'm sure you'd agree in the SP500 example above AND this EURUSD below its a canny coincidence!


So, lets look at the EURUSD, because the Sq9 above resulted in too many options and you'd struggle to formulate a easy to use strategy from

Gann used lots of differing Squares to calculate from, he used a Square of 12 (12x12 = 144) and we'll look at that for the EURUSD MONTHLY chart (Note ALL Gann's Squares where derived from the the pyramid's!) 

 We'll keep it simple and just use STATIC monthly cycles, here's a 12 month cycle (remember we are using Ganns Square 12 to base this all from)

As you can see its quite effective, I've highlighted the 36 month cycle with THICK lines, because its resonating with the market pretty **** well and as you can see the Square of 144 is working really well with the EURUSD (All markets will work well with differing Squares, so its not a one size fits all thing)


To save a huge amount of explaining, the square of 144 has principles within it that resonate with the sacred geometric solid of a PENTAGON and we know from mathematics, that a pentagram fits into a pentagon in the form of all its sides UNFOLDED, when these open arms/points hit the edge of a circle it creates a set point on that circle and you have 5 points of 72 degrees around that circle (Remember Pythagoras, he had a secret hidden order where the Pentagram was the symbol of the order! and he was a very very very clever person) 

So IF, 72 (half of the Square of 12) is important then, harmonically related numbers to that 72 will also be Important, as in the chart above we've seen that 36 was

In the chart below I've tided up the chart a little and added a 54 month cycle because 54 is an Internal angle of the pentagram, its also a Hurst cycle too - I also for visuals show basic Fibonacci cycles of 38/62/138/162 MONTHS 

But as we can see 54 & 36 months  are definitely causing the EURUSD to sing to its tune - Remember these are STATIC cycles, the markets are NOT static, hence why its not perfect and exact


Hopefully given you some food for thought - Remember you are VIEWING Time & Price action on a 2 Dimensional chart, Price & Time don't move in a 2 Dimensional fashion,

Have a Great Christmas and New Year


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As an early Christmas present, here is something AMAZING

If you are not impressed by this or does not cause you to think deeper about your life, then something is wrong with you

You know that the markets seem to do there own thing and often catch you out - its because of this

I've started it right back to 1907 LOW point, this was called the "Rich mans panic" back then and its the starting point for the cycles shown in the charts below

Pay very special attention to the date in 1940 - some German nut case decided to take a walk-a-bout through France

This is the DJIA market - All I'm showing you sacred geometry of the circle of 360 degs

If you've looked at WD Gann this is his emblem. he used to promote his works


Below is the 270 Degs of the CIRCLE as shown above, but using planets




Now if you calculate the NEXT 270 degs, you will locate the next big turning point that happens when this cycle lands - a crude way to do it would be to add 33/34 years to the last date

Other cycles control the other big turns - not shown

If you think that you are 100% in control of your life, then you are deluded, bigger forces and the law of vibration are in control of everything on this planet, EVERY financial market etc

Now there are some people who know nothing about this and somehow, manage to align themselves naturally with this - most of us don't though, once you align yourself with the laws of the universe, you're trading improves massively, as you can see from a ultra long term cycle you could have nailed every single one of those mega turning points

Please note that this is NOT the complete picture, there's much more to it, but as a taster I would recommend you Investigate planetary cycles and ASTRO analysis if you want to know what the markets are really doing and to prepare yourself for future turns - EVERY major turn on those 3 charts can be proved by planetary cycles, EVERY single one of them and there IS a sequence to it all, so you know what to expect, when etc


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Think about how all those traders felt at the 1907 low back in the bucket shops - a crash out of no-where came, and the SAME thing present back then, is present right now in todays world - Humans, make the SAME greed/risk mistakes over and over and over and they are caused by those planetary conditions when the time comes back around again


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