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FOMC Wednesday 20th September

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An interesting day to trade! I just wanted to update everyone who was looking for trade ideas and what to expect from the FOMC meeting. We have a wealth of information from our analysts and a live IGTV show later on today. I'll add more things throughout the day 


Live with the experts: the Fed decision

On 20 September, the Federal Reserve reveals its next interest rate decision. Follow the announcement live, discover what it could mean for the markets and put your questions to our panel of experts. Tune into our LIVE show with our in house analysts, a Daily FX currency analyst, and one of our premium client managers, live from the IG trading floor. Tune in LIVE here.


Prefer to watch on Facebook? It's easy to do and can be done via this link. If you have a Twitter account find us @ IGTV , via the following link: https://twitter.com/IGTV/status/910560451163025415 




What to expect from this weeks FOMC

The real question is will the Fed provide more details on its balance sheet normalisation, and will we get further details on potential interest rate hikes before the end of the year? Read Chris Beauchamp's analysis and IGTV piece here.


What markets to trade on Wednesday

With the US rate decision dominating almost every aspect of global markets at the moment, other data will pale. Watch a potential Japanese trade Jeremy Naylor charts USD/JPY, and gives a run down of today economic agenda. Watch here.


Where do I set my stops?

Over large macro economic data events there can be significant volatility in the market. It's worth having a look at risk management and making sure you have an understanding of potential profits and losses, and review some methods to control your losses.


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    • They pushed the threshold even higher and leverage their partnership with Messi. With the prices even higher than last year, I think you should tell all your trading friends. Good luck out there! 
    • Yeah... They seem to be on the Frontline of the crypto space getting people's interest and nurturing talents. Just recently, they had the Bitget's Blockchain 4 Youth (B4Y) and it was a major success! 
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