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There is a new regulation referred to as Mifid II which requires us to ask for a passport or other personal identifier (depending on your residential location.) You can read more about that here: https://www.fca.org.uk/markets/mifid-ii 


Due to this new requirement being a universal requirement we would need to restrict trading opportunities if a document number isn't submitted within a certain time frame. All new client accounts going forwards would also now require to fill this in during the sign up process. 


I hope this clarifies things for you - if not please let me know. 

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Emailed help desk but got no definitive answer.


Born London. Left around 4 years old.


Irish passport and PPS No. 

Verified passport for IG account.


Should I also submit UK nationality?


Will this affect access to markets?


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Hi   I don't think this is an issue about access to markets rather more to do with where you reside and therefore where you pay tax so as to neutralise potential tax evasion and money laundering concerns, recent changes in regulation puts increased responsibility on the broker to verify their clients status. If you recently joined and provided passport proof of identity you probably won't need more. If I remember correctly when I joined all I gave was a bank account.

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Guest RichardA

It says about the NI number ...


"We need you to provide this document number.  We record it solely to comply with MiFID II, and we won't share it with any third party beyond those mentioned."

Third parties mentioned where?



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i joined IG beginning of 2017


im annoyed at IG asking me to prove my nationality through the use of disclosing my NI Number, when i signed up, I'm pretty sure i used my UK passport or Full driving license, surely this is the only state issued document that proves ones Nationality to a country?

I recently received a letter in the post with has my login name which i'm not happy about seeing that they used a public transit system to deliver the letter to me.


on the website it insists on disclosing the NU Number , but the letter received states a state-issued document number is required.

only a passport or driving has a state issued document number, surely a national insurance number isn't event a physical document in itself?


the reason for not wishing to provide IG or any other institution my NI Numbers is because its private information, if this is stored by IG and compromised then it can be used for fraud, identity theft or other unwanted usage.



ive sent several emails to the helpdesk asking for this matter to be raised as a complaint and wishing to communicate directly with their compliance team and got nowhere.


interested to hear opinons from  with other users and IG staff to explain in depth why they are only accepting NI number under this new directive


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