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PRT Missing Dates


My PRT 10.3 charts (running on Mac) are nearly all missing dates between 1st and 25th september in all timeframes and on all templates (example attached). Is there anyway to force download this missing data. I've tried restarting to no avail. The strange thing is that some shares do have the missing dates, but most don't.


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 20.12.22.jpg

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Hi .  Big chunk of missing data alright. I notice your historic units is set at 200 which seems very low, the normal default is about 2000, If you set it higher you may get a data reload. 

Also, in the main window you can click on the help tab and select 'technical assistance', a dialog box allows you to send a screenshot and description of the problem direct to IG technical staff who are very good.

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Hi  - just as  said please use the Help section of PRT so that we can get a diagnosis of your set up. You can find the location of this troubleshoot service here >>> 


2017-11-08 08_29_15-FTSE 100 (DFB)   Daily   7,530.1 (+0.53%)   08-Nov-2017 08_29_11.png


please make sure you have this section ticked ... 


2017-11-08 08_30_27-Technical support.png

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