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Saving an image on the classic platform



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Hi  I moved the post as this was going to require additional discussion and I didn't want to interrupt the thread. So when you save as an image you should be prompted to save as a .png - as long as it has this extension at the end then it should save straight away and you should be able to upload. 


2017-12-12 12_46_55-Save As.png


You can also use the 'snipping tool' on a PC by searching for it in the start bar location...


2017-12-12 12_47_10-.png


...then save a new 'snip'. This can then be uploaded as normal. 


2017-12-12 12_48_25-Reply to Message _ IG Community.png

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Hi  No problem. The is best way is as James described, 

click the photo icon on the chart and the 'save as' screen pops up showing the folders in your pictures library.

Open a new folder or select one already there.

Give the pic a name in the blued out box (the .png is added automatically), and click save.

Close the 'save as' screen then in a post to the forum click the photo icon in the menu up above to open your pic library then select the folder and pic to add to the post.





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I got it to work. I didn't realise until the end how good the quality was. Unfortunately I then cancelled the pic from my public file and it also got cancelled from my reply.


Anyway at least I'm now satisfied with quality, and will be able to do a lot more.

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