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Saving an image on the classic platform



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How does that work. I tried that and loaded it to my computer and then tried to load it back to IG and it would not accept the format. I'm still trying to fix some technical problems my end so that may be the reason.

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Hi  I moved the post as this was going to require additional discussion and I didn't want to interrupt the thread. So when you save as an image you should be prompted to save as a .png - as long as it has this extension at the end then it should save straight away and you should be able to upload. 


2017-12-12 12_46_55-Save As.png


You can also use the 'snipping tool' on a PC by searching for it in the start bar location...


2017-12-12 12_47_10-.png


...then save a new 'snip'. This can then be uploaded as normal. 


2017-12-12 12_48_25-Reply to Message _ IG Community.png

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Hi  No problem. The is best way is as James described, 

click the photo icon on the chart and the 'save as' screen pops up showing the folders in your pictures library.

Open a new folder or select one already there.

Give the pic a name in the blued out box (the .png is added automatically), and click save.

Close the 'save as' screen then in a post to the forum click the photo icon in the menu up above to open your pic library then select the folder and pic to add to the post.





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I got it to work. I didn't realise until the end how good the quality was. Unfortunately I then cancelled the pic from my public file and it also got cancelled from my reply.


Anyway at least I'm now satisfied with quality, and will be able to do a lot more.

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