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Ask the experts - #IGCryptoChat - SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS

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DWZmWNwWkAA_U7-.jpgHi all - I'm happy to announce that we are gearing up to broadcast our second IGTV Live Crypto Chat, this Thursday 22nd of February, and we want your questions! Add any question you would like in the comments section below and we will try and pass on as many as possible. Price action, regulation, intervention, or the future of blockchain... anything! 


The experts 

Brett Scott is the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money, and a regular contributor to The Guardian, New Scientist, Wired Magazine, and CNN. A former broker, he’s presented on financial inclusion and blockchain systems at the EU Parliament and International Monetary Fund (IMF) events.


Derin Cag is the co-founder of Blockchain Age, a digital data consultancy for blockchain technology. He’s a regular speaker at conferences on the implications of the fourth industrial revolution, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


You can read the full article here. Please add any questions you would like to ask our guests in the Comments section below. I will be collating these questions up until 4pm on Thursday and passing them onto our panel, but please get your questions in as soon as possible so you don't forget. 


The video will be available after the event, so if you can't make it not to worry. I'll update the Community as and when it is published. 

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To bring this to as many peoples attention as possible I'm just going to tag the last few community posters who have commented on cryptocurrencies on Community over the last few days / weeks. Please see the post above for more info :)



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One reason is the wild disparity of outlook as to where cryptocurrencies will fit into the financial landscape of the future.

Another is that 'the crowd' has joined the market, often with borrowed money, and they are very very jittery.


Bitcoin has 'pretty much failed' as a currency, Bank of England boss Mark Carney declares.  


(33 hours ago)




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But everyone has a view in the market, irrespective of crypto or other asset?


I would have thought it’s more down to no one knowing how to value them, thin liquidity, poor on / off ramps for fiat, and algos auto trading against BTC...

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Thin liquidity and poor ramps for sure, the market took off on crowd intervention (not just normal retail) who are not using algos, the pros were very late to the party. All the while central bankers and governments have been totally disparaging and have tried to talk down crypto and erect road blocks at every turn, the fickle crowd read the headlines and either rush to rejoin or rush to cover, it's a bit like watching a tennis match.


(See the advert attached to the article  :smileysurprised:)





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We all know they are, but WHY are crypto markets so volatile?

Thanks  - I'll put this message to the team. It will be interesting to see their views on this as itcan be answered from a number of different perspectives (fundamental make up of the order book, speculative investment by 'the herd' as caseynotes pointed out, or a number of other potential factors). Thanks!

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Yes ,  true, thinking about it all spread betters are trading on borrowed money but the best bit was the advert sponsoring the article that encouraged loading up your credit card to buy bitcoin, wonderfully paradoxical given the context of the piece.


There are two lines of thought, this all reminiscent of the classic story of the elevator boy giving stock tips circa 1920's, but is also reminiscent of tales of market movers looking to get in after the event, won't buy high, so drive price down first then buy. Only the future can confirm the present.

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What are the three biggest risks to crypto?


What are the three biggest potential positive drivers to crypto?


Will there be an ether etf?


Why do people care so much about an American etf on bitcoin when there are others throughout the world? (Sweden etf)


The only reason bitcoin hasn’t been squashed by the US is because it hasn’t proven to be in direct competition with the USD. If it ever does, will bitcoin be in risk?


Is USDT a legitimate concern?


And yeh like above, cos this guys a broker - what are the market reasons on why crypto is so volatile




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    • Eileen https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-chile-copper-focus/on-the-edge-chile-copper-production-at-risk-as-coronavirus-bites-idUSKBN2440UL
    • My interpretation (FWIW) is that a small number of winning clients get the money, and IG 'only' keeps the spreads. But if 70 - 80% of clients are long on a market (say), and they turn out to be right (copper, recently) then I don't see how IG could stop from losing money unless it put some kind of real trade on or fund the losses from money made elsewhere (in an underlying market where most clients were wrong)
    • Interesting conversation about HOW IG operate. I have to agree with Larry trading here. IG always say they do not take the other side of the bet. BUT the fact is when you trade with them you are absolutely not in the real market, your money stays with 'Bank of IG' - so far as I am concerned if you lose they win and vice-versa. As Larry said you are placing a trade or a bet against the data feed that IG supply - that's it. There is no one on 'the other side' of your trade. The only time IG put it out to the real market is if their risk model requires that, i.e. everyone is taking one side, short or long. Again as Larry states we are NOT in the 'real market' we do not provide liquidity ! WHY should IG care about matching another client to the 'other side' of your retail trade ? They KNOW all retail traders lose anyway. If I place a 'long' trade on the DAX and lose when spread-betting, where is that loss going, WHERE EXACTLY ? It goes to IG, are you (Caseynotes) saying it goes to the other IG client taking an opposing trade, i.e. someone that went 'short' ? Bearing in mind 80% of retail traders at IG lose WHERE are all those losses going ? ANSWER: TO BANK OF IG.  CaseyNotes says ' IG matches buyers to sellers' that's a nice 'theory' ...again all the money stays with IG as we, the spread bettors, are NOT in any real market at all. You mention CFD's above and how they correlate with SB but again CFDs are not the real market they (brokers) just copy (via data-feed) the cash and futures market. As you correctly say CFDs are taxable for the rest of Europe to trade with.  I have not got a problem - like LarryBoy - about how IG operate, but as far as I am concerned Larry is right, all the trades when SB'ing stay with IG ONLY inc. all the trades / bets placed and monies stay with them. If you loose they win. End of. You can call that 'taking the other side of your trade' ... I personally do not, as it kind of implies that they are 'cheating' their Clients which they are not. Again they do not need to: ALL retail traders lose (80 - 90%).