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Strange Position




 I have a position in my trading account that I cannot do anything with. Its a Short in DAX30 - and I cannot close it or adjust it. How do I get rid of this position?


Any help much appreciated.





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Ok, so it's an order to open rather than an open position which is why you get the message 'no open position to close' so instead of looking in 'positions' tab need to look in 'orders' tab to cancel the order. I am presuming that is a screenshot from a phone but you must have used a computer to load it here, so if you can't find the orders tab on the phone use the computer to locate it and cancel. The orders tab is directly below the positions tab on the left hand side of screen.   

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Can anyone help me with this please?

First off thanks for other community members helping on this one. I have just had a look at your account  and I can see that there is an issue with this order on your demo account. Unfortunately, because this is a demo account and we have tens of thousands of demo users, we will not be able to allocate resource to sort this individual position. If you wanted to add another demo account or open another that's fine, but there isn't anything we can do on this one. Apologies about this.


I'd like to reassure you that this wouldn't happen on a live account, and if there were any issues with an open position then we'd be able to manually close this and look into any issues on a case by case basis. 

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Thanks for your message James.


The demo account and live account will run exactly the same software. Of that I am 99% certain. No organisation would put two lots of source code into place for a Demo versus a Live - it would break a lot of 'Best Practice' procedures in software development.

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hey  - we of course have appropriate environmental tiers in place for all software development and roll outs, from local, dev, test and stage, as well as appropriate QA and UAT, before we push to prod. The Demo account which clients can access will be similar, but it isn't necessarily in the same pipe line and there can be minor differences between the two. The issue here goes a little further and more into the fact we don't allocate much resource to look into individual issues such as this.


As above, please rest assured that any issue on a live account is fully investigated.

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