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What is the difference between option trading and trading contracts for Difference - CFD? Is possible to trade options on IG Index Platform? 

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5 hours ago, SOA said:

What is the difference between option trading and trading contracts for Difference - CFD? Is possible to trade options on IG Index Platform? 

Hi @SOA   options are a type of CFD, see the links below to see how each work. Options have not yet migrated to the new platform so you'll need to open the old platform to trade them.

(if in Australia replace the uk with au in the links)



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To add to @Caseynotes point, when you are dealing with IG you are doing so on a CFD (if of course you're in your CFD account rather than say, your share dealing account). 

A CFD is a way to trade by setting up a contract which tracks the price of a product. Via a CFD you can trade different products, one of which is an option. An option is then based off a further asset. To try and simplify it visually...

  • You trade a CFD with IG and you can trade
    • FX
    • Shares
    • Commodities
    • Options ... and with the options themselves you can trade 
      • FX options
      • Share options
      • Commodity options
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