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Finance ‘fact, but fictionalised’ books

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I don’t know the word for it but I wanted to start a thread about books which are routed in fact but they have a better flow for reading, kind of like ‘flash boys’ but Michael Lewis which is the most well known I would imagine. 

Which interesting finance and trading related books have you read and would recommend? 

Maybe they don’t need to ALL be specifically like that but any trading books you find interesting. 

I am currently reading Dark Pool by Scott Patterson and it’s very very interesting. I would recommend reading or getting from Amazon or the library if you can. Paperback is a few quid and it’s an interesting read. All about how these matching engines started and pooled liquidity away from the main exchanges. It gives you a good understanding of the “plumbing” behind it all. Also makes more sense when looking at the market. 

I’m the sort of person who would like to read as much around a topic as possible and I think it makes you a better well rounded trader to understand the back end too. 

Has anyone else got some books to recommend please? 

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One of the best books I have read which is related to finance and trading is:

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

This book is a great introduction to what became known as 'trend following' and the principles of 'following the tape'. 

Some others that I enjoyed and learnt things at the same time are:

Market Wizards

New Market Wizards

Hedge Fund Market Wizards

The books I have stated (above) are based on trend following principles for any of you that may be interested. 

The following books are great fun to read to get an appreciation of trend following:

The Complete Turtle Trader

The Way of the Turle 

Trend Following

I know some of you will argue that Michael Covel is a marketing man and I totally accept such a point. However, the books are great for those who want to get a better understanding on a basic level of trend following. It gives the reader a basic awareness of trend following principles and benefits of considering trend following principles.

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7 hours ago, TrendFollower said:

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

I really enjoyed this too. has made me want to buy an old ticker tape machine for the house too!

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Well that would look like it’s my next read! Thanks all and any other suggestions would be interesting to hear :)

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I don't want to be left out! 

Added to my Amazon basket as well ;) 

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I like the concept of that review Casey as it looks like it explains the CORE concept of technical analysis. I’m always a fan of the why, rather than the how, and if I believe the why then I trust myself to figure out the how... 

for example WHY support and resistance works, rather than just how to use it. Why movingaverageswork rather than how etc etc. 

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