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How to open spreadbetting account. Already have Investment accounts open.

Guest Tomasbps


Guest Tomasbps

As the title says,  I cannot find a way to open a spreadbetting account. I began with a share dealig account,  moved to smart investment but cannot open any other accounts.

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Hi @Tomasbps - This could be a due to a number of factors relating to your account specifically (location / personal circumstance etc) and the best way to resolve this would be over the phone. If you can please give us a call at a time convenient to yourself (we have a 24 hour service throughout the trading week), we'll look to sort a resolution. 

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Guest Tomasbps
3 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

Hi @Tomasbps, not sure what user interface you have with the smart investment account but if you have a 'My IG' page then the dashboard should give details of your accounts plus have a blue '+ add an account' tab to add additional live and demo accounts for CFD & SB.

Hello @Caseynotes, when I open the add an account tab there 4 options. ISA, SIPP,  Smart Portfolio and Share dealing accounts. Should I have extra options for CFD and Spreadbetting or are they integrated somewhere?

Thanks for the help sl far.

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Hi @Tomasbps,  ok, there seems to be a disconnect between investment accounts and SB/CFD accounts. From my SB account I have tabs to add cfd/mt4 (live and demo) and an investment account but it doesn't seem to work the other way round. If you go to the contacts page it looks like the 'Live Chat' facility is open or the phone line (if in the UK) they will be able to give more info. I suspect there may be differing criteria for opening leveraged accounts over non-leveraged.


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