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There is an interesting new https://twitter.com/warrenbuffet99 twitter account (one of many using that name)  though this one has only 53 tweets, the first from just 3 days ago yet has 185k followers (and increasing by about 1k every 15 minutes). It's worth a look because it's packed full of sage advice both trading and general.

3 tweets this morning link a theme concerning one of the most important abilities a trader can have. The ability to be good at both taking risk and being defensive and to be able to switch rapidly between the two. Most people are either good at one or the other, or just average at both, that's because the two are poles apart and most people will naturally lean one way or the other or are in the middle. So how to improve our natural deficiencies.

This is not psychology, it's personality, so the way forward is not gurus, it's Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - which is a lot easier and cheaper;

- define the problem, make a list of actions to take for a successful outcome to apply every time the problem is encounted, over time the actions of the list will become the natural response replacing the prior faulty response. 

Those three tweets;



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4 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

It is a bit odd, with so many Buffet accounts already no one would automatically assume this one was genuine Buffet - would they?

Exactly! I assume people would want some sort of proof ... right?

right... ? O.o


Non the less - these are some useful pointers to the starters out there. Just be mindful of any links / promotions / phishing / pushing of trade strategy / affiliate links in the future.

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The warrenbuffet99 account was suspended a few hours ago, clearly twitter thought the material was too hot lol.

Was suspended for not making clear it was a fake or parody account.

Twitter and the others FB/Goog/ are losing the plot and hopefully shaken up by Trumps warning shot tweets yesterday.

The account had well over 250k followers last night and now has a strong # following.

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