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Understanding working orders



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Hi @Jonathan789, you will need to be a bit more specific. When you say quote to buy you should be meaning the buy price in the box and not the mid price on the chart (unless you have reset it). When you say 'doesn't go through' do you mean hasn't triggered or has been rejected, if rejected then there should have been a pop up rejection notice with some kind of explanation.

This chart has a large spread and looking at it with price set to 'Ask' (= buy), seems that price sat on 270 for nearly the whole the day and did not rise to 272.



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Thanks for responding, Caseynotes.

If I remember correctly, the buy price for the working order was for 272p, which was the price quoted in the right-hand box of the share dealing ticket.  Then the price quoted in the "Latest" column of the working orders screen (which I presume is the price of the latest purchase made in the market?) came down to 270p, but my order was still not triggered, even for a partial fill... 

Hope this gives some more useful info to come back on. 

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Hi @Jonathan789, looking again at the 1 hour chart and pulling volume up it appears there was simply no market, as in, no one on the other side to exchange buy/sell contracts with. There looks to have been a sell order go through at 9:30 on the 5 min chart then that was it, absolutely nothing else.

Must admit it's the first time I've seen black volume bars before ('unchanged'?) but the stock is very illiquid, you are very likely to find that the trade is even harder to get out of than to get in.




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Please also make sure your order when placed wasn't just 'limit day'. All those orders are wiped at the end of the day. If you placed an order on Friday you would need to make sure the trade type was Limit GTC (good till cancel)  

I can't see an FLTA order working right now for any of our clients? 

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