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alice in wonderland price action


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Hi. As laid out above the chart print error is purely cosmetic. No orders / limits / stops or other would have been triggered on the above chart print (I have also confirmed with our dealing desk in this instance). Our market maker technologies team responsible for this specific issue have suspended other activities until they have resolved this, and our charting technical support team are looking to rectify the charts to bring them back in line with pricing at that time. 

Please remember charts are indicative. 

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@Tudor2 I've edited the price at this time and this should be reflected on DFB chart within 24 hours.

Unfortunately there were issues during this period with the figures being put on the chart in that most were incorrect hence the odd pricing you see.

As others mentioned you would not have been executed on these prices.

There is work ongoing to correct all of it as we do have the correct prices however they didn't get posted to the chart for technical reasons.



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