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MT4 Indicators

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Thought I'd start a thread on the deep and mysterious world of MT4 indicators starting with MTFs.

MuiltiTimeFrame indicators are popular on MT4 and a great tool not just for keeping in touch with the higher time frames on the one chart but also to help time entries and exits and staying in trends. The indicator itself has an adjustable time frame setting allowing the current time frame to be adjusted to any higher mt4 time frame so you can either use 1 to flick through time frames or have more than 1 permanently set.

Below is a 15 min Dax chart with a 15 min stochastic and under that is a 1 hour stochastic (same default settings for both). Points of note are the d,k crosses on the 15 min can be muddled compared to the 1 hour, the M15  stoch gives multiple false exit signals to get out of the trend while the H1 stoch has crisp and clear crosses of d,k as well as clear crosses of overbought and sold, stays for the full length of the trend as well as crossing and exiting over sold in good time to catch the emerging new up trend.

Combined they provide the alertness of a shorter time frame with the steadiness of the higher time frame without having to chop and change charts or have multiple small charts covering the screen.


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Dynamic Zone Indicators.

Many will have seen DZ versions of indicators such as on the PRT platform, they have floating levels for over bought and over sold but many simply have a Bollinger band component rather than true DZ which is closer related to Quantile bands rather than BB. Having floating OB/OS levels gives them more precision and meaning.

Below is DZ Ehler's Fisher transform on a 1 hour chart giving advance warning of major turning points at OB and OS and good divergence signals.


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Digital Filters

This should really have been included before the adapters section as it was the development of digital filters that lead to adaptive indicators.

Digital filter type indicators use a 2 phase system, a fast average and a slow average and expanding on that simple premise a digitally filtered indicator can incorporate;

FATL fast adaptive trend line

SATL slow adaptive trend line 

RFTL reference fast trend line

RSTL reference slow trend line

FTLM fast trend line momentum

STLM slow trend line momentum.

So from the family of digital filters any can be used individually or collectively to give a sliding scale reference between fast and slow periods of the market which can become a stand alone indicator or incorporated into another indicator influencing it's plot on the chart.

Main 4 DFs Separate

STLM Histo

FATL Channel

FATL 1&4 Hour

DZ DF Averages 1&4 Hour.




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Exponential Moving Average with Variable Factor Smoothing Channel.

A 'Kiss and Goodbye' type indicator. Messy in consolidation but beautiful in a trend.



Continually adjusting Linear Regression channel. Will adjust after each bar close if warranted. 



Taotra Moving Averages (20).



Triangular Moving Average Bands (triangular is basically a double smoothed).



WildHog Divergences




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Dashboards and Mini Charts.

Top Row; iPanal Indicators. Daily Dynamic Trend Multi Currency v4. IG Symbol Info. CCI Dashboard.

Left Side; IG Correlation Matrix.

Right Side; Stratman Mini Chart V21.

Bottom Row; All CCI BO. All RSI BO.



All indicators in this thread are free downloads and most can be found easily enough by googling the names I've attached to them. If help needed just PM me.

Interested if anyone else has any interesting or favourite MT4 indicators of their own?

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Volume indicators depend on a brokers feed and the data used may come from a variety of sources and types. Real volume is units traded, transaction volume is orders executed and tick volume shows how often prices are updated. Regardless of where the data comes from the profile of the volume chart should be very closely related. Also consider the colour codes on basic volume indicators may indicate different aspects, for example, more buy or sell units per candle (web based platform) or greater or lesser total volume compared to the previous bar (MT4 platform).

Hawkeye Volume:

Red denotes sell dominance, green buy dominance and white = neutral or no demand which may indicate a change of direction if control is reversed .



Fractal Volume;

You might think mixing fractals with volume is a crazy idea that will give weird results and you'd be right. An important note on fractals is that many recalculate and redraw depending on subsequent data so they may give signs but not signals. The fractal volume indicator below does both, The large bars (15 and over)  denote possible cyclic turning points but if wrong will erase and redraw so can't be relied upon as a signal. The smaller bars (less than 15) are based on buy or sell dominance which, if coming after a large same colour turning point bar, may indicate continuation in that direction. 



Better Volume:  

Better volume tries to pick out significant bars from the crowd, see video below.

High Vol Climax Up = Red.  HV Climax Down = White.  Climax Churn = Magenta.  Churn = Green.  LV = Yellow.



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Support & Resistance:

If only there was some means to auto redraw support and resistance and trend lines life would be so much easier.

- Support and Resistance indicator. 1 month - 1 min Time Frames. (I've left out the lower orders to unclutter the chart but really useful if working with small time frame charts 

- Supply and Demand Zones. 

- Trend Lines.

- Murrey Math S&R with Pivots

- S&R Fractals. 1 month - 1 hour Time Frames. (you might recognise it)





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