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Tick volume on PRT?


Some securities such as gold and silver say 'no volume is available' in PRT, but the tick volume is available on the HTML5 platform.

Volume/tick volume is important to me, is there any way to see this in PRT? 

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Posted (edited)

  No volume indicator = no use to me!  :D



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47 minutes ago, dmedin said:

No volume indicator = no use to me!  :D

There must be custom volume indicators in the code library?

See this vid


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From what I gather having done a bit of looking into it, it's because IG don't provide a feed for tick volume into PRT.  Other people have asked about this years ago but they don't appear to be bothered about it.  I notice that they never ascribe importance to volume anyway.  This is a real bummer.

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    • Guest Phil
      An interesting infographic https://www.ft.com/content/44bd6a8e-83a5-11e9-9935-ad75bb96c849   
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      talk me thru tht one? 
    • Thanks for that @ChrisN, I am aware of it and practice the complex retrace tracking myself too.  What I was referring to was that the classic A-B-C corrective wave has the entire correction below (or above) the previous turn in my approach. I do use the classic A-B-C (5-3-5 internal wave profile) and also the complex retrace with the 3-3-5 internals and that one can get pretty tricky.  There is also a version of this that can be 3-3-3.  I also use the A-E Triangle form (3-3-3-3-3) for continuation consolidations and I find it especially useful for ending channels, I had a perfect one to set up my recent Shorts on US large caps.  However in all classic retrace cases (A-B-CsI do not allow the wave B to eclipse the previous motive wave high.  I am aware that some EWT analysts do use this mechanism.  As a matter of simplicity I kind of reject the notion that a wave 3 (motive) top can be eclipsed by a wave B top in a retrace move.  It would seem to make more sense in the classic 1-5 that the wave 3 is the peak and the next major peak would be the wave 5 but only after the retrace is completed. This is all a matter of personal choice of course, for me creating a trading and analytical method from existing technical analysis methodologies is about selecting the aspects of several that fits your psychology and testing it to ensure it works well.  A key factor is understanding when it doesn't work, one example would be where one of the more exotic EWT retrace scenarios takes place.  So I am aware but I do not use it in my methodology. Naturally I agree with your assessment of the power of the tool-sets but like anything it requires extensive study, practice and failures to learn how to use it best within the context of ones own psychology.