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CAD/JPY - cannot set stop on demo



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30 minutes ago, MikeBamber said:


In a short position CADJPY and I cannot set a stop loss. Can set a limit fine. Anyone have a reason for this? 




Hi, have you tried setting a stop from the Positions tab, see pic.


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5 minutes ago, MikeBamber said:

Hi - yes I have and it disappears as soon as I click away, which is what happens on the main screen. 


seems to be working ok, once the numbers are punched in click on the drop down box to click the 'Set stop' tab


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34 minutes ago, MikeBamber said:

Now it doesn't work on NOK/JPY. Stop level simply disappears after getting green popup saying 'order amended'

Hi, are you on the SB or CFD demo account, not having any problem moving the stop but I don't get any 'amended' message.


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9 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

That's what I was using as well, the only other thing I can think of is to check your connection to IG.

It only does it with that pair - there seems to be so many gremlins in this platform. Currencies disappearing etc with no answers why

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