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Joe Elle


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48 minutes ago, CharlotteIG said:

So, the community is a place where people can discuss their trading strategies, how the market is doing or ask for help. You have myself, an employee at IG, as well as all of the community members to support you. 


IG has circa 180,000 clients but we don't even have 18 regular posters on this forum.  :(



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53 minutes ago, dmedin said:


IG has circa 180,000 clients but we don't even have 18 regular posters on this forum.  :(



There are so many people on community but I feel sometimes people are hesitant to post or not sure what they can post. It really is open to all trading ideas and questions. 

3 hours ago, elc57 said:

I like to join 

If you're wondering whether to get involved please do. Everyone is so friendly. Nothing is a 'silly' questions and every opinion is valued. 


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    • Sounds like you are looking at the ask price, or the mid price. I don't have access to the 10sec data at that time, but the 1 minute candle had a low at 7947.7. Ask low was 7954.7. So I guess you had a long position; in this case look at the bid price to see what is going on.
    • What really caught my eye about ChatAI is the way it aims to go beyond the limitations of traditional social media platforms. Instead of relying on text-based or voice-based interactions alone, this project is designed to support multimodal communication, allowing users to engage through a variety of formats like text, voice, and images. ChatAI is positioning itself as a revolutionary social application that combines advanced AI capabilities with the power of decentralized technology. The core idea is to open up a new era of social interaction by leveraging cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) to enable smooth and efficient communication. But it's not just about the technical capabilities - ChatAI also seems to have a strong focus on personalization and continuous learning. The platform is built to continuously optimize its performance based on user data, adapting to individual preferences and enhancing the overall user experience over time. I was really excited to hear the news that the ChatAI (CHATAI) token is now listed on the Bitget cryptocurrency exchange. As someone who is deeply interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence, web3 technology, and social media, this listing feels like a significant milestone for the project.
    • I could remember what happened to Binance & kucoin. This might be another slap in the face of SEC but who knows, let's see how this unfolds. 
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