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DOW DAX Monthly


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Waiting for Lagarde and do not expect any miracle from ECB, probly same reaction as the FED reaction?

But about the fun of catch a falling knife😁

So looking for some support on the Monthly charts and i suppose both Dow and Dax would "bottom" at the same time?

What i am looking for is a bounce of some sort, a couple of weeks maybe?

All bearmarkets have bearmarkets rallyn, maybe some kind of three wave (1 down 1 up and 1 more down)


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There will only be a real upturn (not dead cats) if figures come in showing economic effects are not as severe as the panic predictions.  Or there is good news on the vaccine front ( a year away at least).  Or there is sensible global coordination to tackle the spread management of the virus which doesn't impact too much on economies (extremely unlikely - Saudi/Russia oil non-sense. A buffoon in the White House.)


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DOW Weekly

Lets see if week can close above support? and if some good news (or absent of bad) during weekend could give a gap up on monday?

The tail under support is (a bit) "bullish" if close above


every bearmarket always have bearmarket rallys (also 1929)  and they can be violent and unpredictable


Lot of shorts to squeeze out😉

Dow W.png

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