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  1. If it's any consolation I am having the same problem. Been with Ig for 4 years, always been happy with them but recently I am growing concerned about these issues
  2. Hello, I have been watching this post with some curiosity. I too have just looked at my total deposits vs total withdrawals. i probably have a similar pattern The good thing is that I had estimated my losses quite well LOL.
  3. Does anyone know how I can turn these off ?... Everytime a position closes or it's IG tv time, a notification drops over the SELL or BUY direction selector. Can this be turned off ? Thanks
  4. Hello all, Please can you stop the notifications of positition closed & IG TV notification appearing over the buy/sell selection at the top of deal ticket. Really really really anoying . Thanks
  5. Hello all, So, yesterday I was shorting eur/gbp. Market had moved 10 points in my favour, then suddenly spread changed from; 0,9 then, 2 then, 5 then, 7 then 10 then back to 2. All this in less than 30 seconds. Just having a rant, I guess we all experiencing this ?
  6. I have UK & Austrailia accounts. I also would like to hear of any pitfalls that might await
  7. Hello. I have a CFD account (spread bet not legal), with IG Austrailia, Opened with no issues
  8. Hello, I have an account. Has anyone else done the same ?. Any issues with transfer & withdrawal of funds ?
  9. Hi. Did anyone else experience this issue yesterday ? I tried to close a loosing trade EUR/USD before I ran out of available funds. But no, the platform went into buffer mode. ended up going beyond 0 and into negative.. Received margin call email but couldn't close it for almost 3 minutes...Luckily I had stops so when the platform came back to life they had closed against me. It wasn't my internet connection because I could still receive emails lol... Brilliant !
  10. Thanks for posting this article... Just shows what a bunch of numpty's they are..
  11. ICMarkets. I sent proof of Id and it was rejected twice. I took this as a hint of things to come. No such issues with IG Austrailia... Lets hope that after the 3 months "trial" the ESMA reduce the margins. Not holding my breath on this one.
  12. I, like most am unhappy with the esma rules, however, I see it as an opportunity to hone my skills... The increased margin rates make it more difficult to lose or make money which is a double edged sword... I can still make my day targets with the esma ruling, it just takes more skill. The fact that it would take days to blow my account rather than minutes is actually a blessing in disguise & removes the stress of losing it all quickly... However, I applied to IC markets (Aust) for an account but experienced bad gateways when setting up the account, which highlighted one of the risks of overseas trading. I have now have a CFD account with IG Austrailia which was easy to set up & offers the high leverage I seek.