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  1. Hi, So I have funds in my account, transferred from a debit card, this card is about to expire. I will be registering the new card. Do I have to withdraw my balance to the old card before expiry or can i withdraw onto my new card once registered. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, Could someone kindly explain for me, I open a position for spot gold at price 1740 @ £10 pp BUY. No stops or limits set. at 20:59 I log out of the platform at the position is 1720, a loss of 20 points. what charges will I pay ? Same scenario as above but this time a SELL 20 points in profit Although I have been trading fro 4 years I have never left a position open over night or over a weekend. Thank you in advance
  3. Trouble logging in, workspaces deleted, charts not loading unsupported account setting changed. Anyone else experiencing this ?
  4. Hence I watch every trade, I trust my instincts and knowledge rather than trusting a computer code.
  5. I could feel your pain. i looked at my losses as IG were kindly holding on to my money for me. It was safer to leave it with them and not the banks lol. I have been fascinated with the markets since school when we went on trip to the trading floor. Life didn't allow me to peruse my passion until now. My initial losses were heartbreaking. I kept at it, not to chase my losses but to for fill my dream of being good at something I am passionate about I sit in front of my screen during every open trade I place, every trade Is a potential loss and not a gain., Forget about retiring to Barb
  6. Hi, I can empathise with you on this. My solution was to walk away from it for 6 months. come to terms with my losses and except them as it being my head space as the key issue. have a good look at my self. Chose the markets i want to trade, max five. Research, research and some more research.I don't trust these gurus who have systems they want to teach. Those that can do and those that can't teach. Chasing losses is the biggest issue to overcome, loose a hundred then up the best size to cover it, a bigger loss up the bet size goes. Repeat until funds are gone. Blame the platf
  7. Hello, my 2 pence worth, On markets like the FTSE it would be good to have an option to switch off the simulated candles, I.e only between 0800 and 1630 being displayed. The trading out of hours is not for me and I find it quite tiresome having to trawl through the charts of simulated candles. Second pence worth, When IG tv launches it brings up a box over the deal ticket and has on numerous occasions caused me to miss the moment to place trade, Same when a trade is closed due to hitting limits or stop losses. I either have to manually click on the X to close before I place a
  8. If it's any consolation I am having the same problem. Been with Ig for 4 years, always been happy with them but recently I am growing concerned about these issues
  9. Hello, I have been watching this post with some curiosity. I too have just looked at my total deposits vs total withdrawals. i probably have a similar pattern The good thing is that I had estimated my losses quite well LOL.
  10. Does anyone know how I can turn these off ?... Everytime a position closes or it's IG tv time, a notification drops over the SELL or BUY direction selector. Can this be turned off ? Thanks
  11. Hello all, Please can you stop the notifications of positition closed & IG TV notification appearing over the buy/sell selection at the top of deal ticket. Really really really anoying . Thanks
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