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  1. Hi Unfortunately the coding language used in MT4 and ProRealTime are completely different , this means that the indicator would have to be recreated in ProRealTime as a custom indicator. What I would suggest is to look on the ProRealTime coding forum as someone might have already coded the same indicator in which case you would then be able to copy that code and paste the code into ProRealTime. The website for ProRealCode is https://www.prorealcode.com/ Thanks Anton
  2. Hi The Process to set up a VPS would start off by you contacting us to inform us of your interest in using a VPS for your MT4 account. We would then send you the terms of conditions and how the billing would work, if you would like me to send you the copy again then I would be happy to forward the document to your e-mail address. Once you confirm that you accept the terms then we would inform BEEKS of the request, the user will receive an e-mail as confirmation that the account was created along with your BEEKS login details. From your message it sounds like you already have the VPS set up in which case the above would already be known to you. In terms of the billing it would be £50 per month unless you maintain a balance of £5000 where you would then qualify for the full rebate. You are able to have 2 MT4 programs running from the same VPS, you would just need to install 2 instances of MT4 on that VPS so you can have 2 open at the same time. You will be billed from the one MT4 account as the charge applies to the VPS account not the amount of MT4 accounts. Thanks Anton
  3. Hi There are no share prices available when using the public API, the public API would also not be available for Share-dealing accounts as a result. What you can try is to create a demo account (such as CFD), and then generate a key from the demo which you would be able to use to log into the demo API environment. For API Related matters please use this community site http://labs.ig.com/community Thanks Anton
  4. Hi and I am happy to inform you that walk forward testing is available on our 10.3 version of ProRealTime now, I hope you find it useful but if you have any ideas then feel free to let us know so we can send IT finance some feedback. Thanks Anton
  5. Hi Pro Order unfortunately does not have the ability to partially close positions but I will send it to IT finance as client feedback to be considered in future updates. You are able to partially close manually placed positions but you would need to ensure that force open is not active. to do this just create a new trade in the opposite direction, as long as the partial close meets our minimum trade size requirements you would be able to partially close the position. As you have mentioned stops will be applied once to a position so break up the trade into multiple trades then you would be able to set stops at different levels. Thanks Anton
  6. Hi I have received confirmation from IT finance that the walk forward testing feature will form part of the new update scheduled to be released this week. I do not have an exact date unfortunately and everyone might not receive it at the same time as it is normally deployed on a region by region basis. But the good news is that it will form part of our IG ProRealTime version Thanks Anton
  7. Hi The PPC Charts were corrected on ProRealTime, below I have added a screenshot of the ProRealTime charts compared to your example: Thanks Anton
  8. Hi This is a known issue that our app developers are looking into, we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. Thanks Anton
  9. Hi Unfortunately not all of the ProRealTime features are available on the IG version, some would not be possible to add either ,because on the premium version you would receive data that is not provided by IG as opposed to the IG ProRealTime where you are doing analysis on IG data. I am not sure where ProRealTime gets the data from or how it would be applied to the charts but unfortunately this is not something we can offer at the moment. On the IG charts we offer Economic calendar that will display when there was a dividend payout on what the amounts were, maybe you could find that data useful. Thanks Anton
  10. Hi When you open a demo account with IG you would only have datafeeds on shares active for 14 days, once these feeds expire, you would have no access to prices from the exchange and as a result you would be unable to place trades on any shares. We are unfortunately not able to reset this datafeed so to get prices on shares you would need to use the live account. If you require assistance with API matters then please use the contact us section from this link as this is the designated channel for API queries. http://labs.ig.com/contact Thanks Anton
  11. Hi I asked our developers about the sentiment data and they agree that it would be a very useful addition, although at this time it is still quite far down the development line and as a result I am not able to give a definitive timeline. Thank you for your patience and for taking the time to ask the question. Thanks Anton
  12. Hi This feature is already available on the New Web Trading Platform. You also have the ability to change the colours of the volume bars if you do not like the red and green bars. To change the colour click on the name "volume" in the indicator window, it will come up with your indicator settings tab from where you can change the colour as shown below in the screenshot. Thanks Anton
  13. Good day The “Change %” column that is visible from the Watchlist window is unfortunately not available as a visible column in the open positions window, this is the case on the Classic and New Web Trading Platform. We will send this suggestion to our developers to be considered for future platform updates as it is definitely something that could prove useful when monitoring open positions. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our platform. Regards Anton