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  1. Second update, looks like things have been restored back to the original layout.
  2. Update on this issue. Its appears IG have restored the download CSV file function overnight. But I have noticed the access has changed slightly, this may return to normal? but for others needing access to Share Trading data you can do the following. Old method to access it was by clicking on the 3 dots on the right hand side of the trading account, and select history. this is no longer an option (might return??). Now you need to go to Live accounts, select your trading account, History, Trade History, select days/weeks required, Show History, Download CSV is now back again. Thank you for resolving this.. Certainly makes things
  3. Looks like that is for the CFD account? The share trading account (ASX share trading in my case) still has no option to download data.
  4. Help desk has responded and they are investigating why this issue has occurred.
  5. Hi @CharlotteIG what has happened to the ability to download share trading history via CSV file. Without this it makes things extremely difficult to journal and keep records of trading activity.
  6. Following on from this I figured I would ask the question regarding IG. Response from TV below.
  7. Just reading the Tradingview sub Reddit, looks like IB is in progress. Bit of a missed opportunity here IG.
  8. When you add the volume indicator it opens underneath the main charting window, there is no option to add a moving average to this indicator at this time. Example - 50 Day moving average on volume.
  9. Yes please, I have emailed support regarding this. I suggest others do too.
  10. IG, please advise your customers when you plan to change functionality of your trading platform. The removal of the ability to place Buy Stops is rather frustrating and some notification regarding this would have gone a long way. This was for ASX share trading - "That is correct, in light of some technical issues faced in combination with the product unpopularity, the dealing desk have made the business decision to remove the stop day order feature for technical investigation and general overview. At this point in time, we are not expecting its return and apologise for any inconvenience." Above is the response via email from IG support.
  11. Yes I am Australian, trading on the ASX. I sent my request to helpdesk.au@ig.com Otherwise you can forward your statements manually. Possibly setup an auto forward? https://help.sharesight.com/au/supported_brokers/
  12. I've been seeing this happen as well a bit recently, I've had to close the chart, add it back to the workspace and then start again. There's been a few frustrating glitches with the platform, this and the current day candle not loading on random stocks.
  13. I've emailed the support team and tried the recommended fix but still having issues.
  14. Same issue keeps happening, I wish I could video this. Here's a snip of the issue, The current trading day doesn't show and the cursor jumps to the next day. Its takes multiple chart reloads and log offs before the issue is resolved.