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  1. I've raised this with support multiple times and it still remains an issue. Even had to submit a video of the issue. They reported back there was a lag issue and it was fixed. But it's been happening pretty much every day. I've given up on a fix.
  2. Yeah same, TV pro + member also, But I only trade the ASX with my share trading account through IG, I have not touched the CFD side of things. I really hope all IG clients get some form of broker connection with TV should it ever go live. Either by CFD or Share trading across all markets. Sounds like the race is on between IG and IBKR.
  3. looks like they may have finally fixed it, will check again market open tomorrow.
  4. Yep, this is exactly what has been happening to me. Day 3 now, Have been using the phone/ipad app to get by, but this is getting silly now.
  5. Yes, I did see the -NaN pop up in my working orders tab now that you mention it.
  6. Ok, so they were finally able to replicate the issue on their end. Took a while for them to work out where this issue was, this was even after I tried on 3 different PC's and 3 separate networks. Hopefully it is resolved soon. Strike one for now as this is not good enough.
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been on phone support regarding this but am wondering if others are having the same issue? I can see my current orders (Stops) and Positions, but when I select a stock the chart window displays nothing. I was able to purchase a stock this morning (one that loaded correctly) add my stop, but now have no visibility of the chart or ticket window to edit my stops or buy/sell should I be required. At this stage I have to use my phone.
  8. Any updates on this @CharlotteIG? I'm seeing IBKR is current doing their beta testing. Hope IG have been doing the same.
  9. Average volume on the volume indicator, Being able to split the positions tab to sort full and partial positions for better trade management.
  10. Not that I'm aware of, if your trying to figure out P/L then download the CSV History file and calculate it off that. That's how I do my Journal entries into Edgewonk. Then in the positions window of the trading platform you can edit the book cost to match your first parcel and the platform shows the correct entry. I run two journals Edgewonk and a custom Excel sheet that is made to match the CSV file of my trade history. I also use Sharesight to auto import my trading activity and this quickly produces the tax report ready for submission (Australian Tax)
  11. Just did a quick pre-market check and yes, the stop function only appears after selecting the Sell side.
  12. That is interesting, I can't test this as the market is closed but I think you need to select sell before the stop order is available? Selecting the order type first you will only see Limit (from memory). You can save the stop order for daily or good 'til cancelled. If I remember I'll pop back on in the morning.
  13. On my share trading account I can place Sell stop orders (ASX Share trading), and I think when market opens you can place buy stop orders too. But it would be great if the same deal placement could be used from the CFD account in the share trading account.
  14. I've been in discussion with IG support regarding an issue similar to this. On market open the current day bar does not display on some stocks, after about 10 min if you flip from Day to 4hr or any other option and back again it sometimes then displays correctly. It's been a frustrating experience especially when things are running hot when market opens. I have recorded a short video and their developers are looking into it. The more reports the better.
  15. There was some A-Hole that recently tried to scam people in this forum. So I wouldn't be surprised if this has been removed for security reason.
  16. That's interesting, I trade on the ASX and search using just the ticker code. Only once have I needed to enter the company name to find the correct stock. In saying this, I would love the ticker code to be available in both the positions/orders window and in the CSV trade history report.
  17. I'm guessing this is in the share dealing account type? I would love this function too, but its appears it's only available on CFD's.
  18. I'm going to assume you have added the EMA indicator to your chart in the IG trading platform. Just simply click on the EMA reference, bottom left of the screen and then you can add / delete / change all your values there. Once that is done don't forget to save your layout.
  19. take a look at the Prorealcode website, It's a page dedicated to building indicators and screeners for Prorealtime. It's certainly more advanced then the generic screener that Tradingview offer.
  20. A while back a separate issue was happening (and still does but to lesser effect) where chart candles would not load within the first 10min on the daily for the ASX trading platform. I was told not to use Microsoft Edge, now this is where it gets funny.. Current version of Edge is built via Chromium, it's essentially a skinned version of chrome. M$ have added extra security and it's less of a resource hog. I use both and have no issues. Anyway this was off topic, just thought you might find it interesting.
  21. Just an idea for the positions window, it would be great if this could be split to organise stock that you may have sold partials etc. Keeps things tidy and easier to track. Would anyone else find this useful ?
  22. Phoned the IG support phone number and this issue has now been resolved. Thank you !! Can confirm the working orders window has returned to it's previous configuration and is fully functioning.
  23. There has been a change recently that I have tried to raise with IG's support group, but I don't believe they understand what I'm trying to show. Originally your orders were on one line, but recently it's split across two levels. The up/down arrows to adjust limit/stop order levels no longer displays and you can no longer manually type in the new price as this does nothing. As you have suggested you need to now cancel the order and re-submit a new order.
  24. Edgewonk supports CFD trade imports, but not share dealing.
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