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  1. I hope we do see it then... As a developer, I can tell you this should be a fairly trivial piece of work, easily done in a week or two, so it's pretty disappointing that this thread has been going for years... I don't know what the devs are working on, but IG is definitely lagging in multiple places compared to competitors these days. It's a shame for long term customers like myself, who feel a sense of loyalty, but who are also aware of the time/costs to my charting time etc when things like this take literally years to roll out.
  2. This happened to me multiple times too - and YES I selected good till cancelled, but it doesn't make a difference if your order is at the bottom. I would say that considering it happens so much, it does seem very scammy - who on earth is actually buying a single share? There would be no reason to do this unless it were a way to scam extra fees imo. Whether it's IG or whoever is above them, this stinks. Why not simply offer a feature to fill all or don't fill at all?
  3. The two best crypto exchanges out there are FTX and Binance. I prefer FTX, as the fees are slightly better and interface is more professional. You can try out FTX here: USA: https://ftx.us/#a=demo or outside US: https://ftx.com/#a=demo and Binance is here https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=10782829 Binance has the advantage of having more cryptocurrencies listed, but if you are only trading BTC, ETH or other more popular currencies then FTX is the one! Unfortunately the law will not change anytime soon, so I don't see IG allowing crypto trading again, but will leave the instruments on their platform until all remaining client positions have been closed.
  4. I had to try and hedge some of my positions on FTX, it's more crypto based, but they are listing more and more stocks by the day, never have downtime and the web interface is super fast, unlike IG. https://ftx.us/#a=demo ...To be honest, just looking at how much better my P&L is on there, it's made me realise that the slow IG interface actually stresses me and probably has a negative effect on my trades.
  5. Indeed... You would have thought they would have prepared for this, especially after so many outages yesterday.
  6. Yes, platform has been down for me too... Seems like it is only certain people though? Is it because I've been trying to trade the Melvin short stocks and Silver?!
  7. No worries. Admittedly they haven't the same range of stocks as IG *yet*, but they are adding at a really fast pace and personally I love the way the leverage works on there and the charts etc, everything is just super smooth and fast. I find IG a bit laggy, uptime not always great, fees and spread much worse, the only thing that is good with IG is their support, but if I am using a trading interface 12 hours a day, i want it to be outstanding and IG just isn't that and won't be anytime soon unfortunately, because it is built on old tech. It hogs resources massively in the browser.
  8. I've moved to FTX already 100% up time and they have synthetic stocks, so you don't have these constant limitations on trading stocks all the time as I get on IG, PLUS lower fees. https://ftx.com/#a=demo
  9. I'd like to buy some BABA for my ISA share dealing account, but it says something about the wrapper not being valid.... Is there a way I can fix this please? Thanks!
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