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Upgrade to 10.3 PRT

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Hi all


Just to update you on the progress of the 10.3 rollout. We're pleased to say the rollout to demo accounts has almost completed. If you have a demo account, you can access the PRT 10.3 right now.


We're bringing it soon to your live account too. We're aiming to have this switched on by late Feb, early March. This could still change depending on feedback and testing, but we're working hard to bring this to you as soon as possible.


If you have any feedback on 10.3 in your demo account, let me know here.



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Hi all,


I am pleased to announce that 10.3 has been released to all countries with an overwhelming amount of positive reponses. Naturally we want to keep on going from strength to strength and so with that in mind please do continue to share your thoughts on what we have and ideas of what we could do.


Many of the new features have been based on your feedback and those that did not get added have already been passed on for consideration in the next version.


Thanks again for all your support and as always keep those ideas coming!



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Hi TimP


Why the change of the orderbox in "associate order to alert" window?


In the first beta version there was options for stop/trailing stop and target (the trailing stop didn`t work properly i think?)



but now the stop and target has disappeared and its looks like the 10.2 version


 when the live version is here i hope we can get the version with stops and target?

(and if possibly to choose between stop/ trailing stop/ guaranteed stop)


This associate order to alert is a useful thing when leaving the computer for a while but whitout stops its a risky thing




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Prorealtime is a great tool and one reason why i trade with IG


For improvements i have two suggestions


1) More data to backtest on (same as in premium version) so we can use the coming walk forward optimization better,

its a bit annoying to have to open a new account through prt just for this


2) Guaranteed stop would also be useful (at least for trading manually with prt)



3) yes i have a third also, same minimum lot size as in metatrader to make it easier to use strategies with variable lot size when auto trading



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to elaborate on the 3 suggestion (automated trading)


what i mean is instead of buying say 1 lot at one level it would be possible to average up and down and add to a position with the same risk


and use strategies like this one without risking to much



and it would be easier to try new strategies on a live account instead of demo





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Guest akatyk

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the time zone of PRT? Previously, if I didn't want trades to be placed on Monday before 10am, it worked. These days, the time zone seems misaligned.

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Hi all


I just wanted to provide an update on this. We're aiming to begin the rollout of 10.3 early next year. We know how much anticipation there is around this update, so we're working hard to make sure we can bring it to you as soon as possible. We're working with IT-Finance to make sure this update also includes some of the features you have asked for.


When it's launched, we'll first add it to demo accounts before enabling it on live accounts, just to make sure everything works as expected.


I'll keep you updated here when we have a clearer date. To be notified via email of updates right away, subscribe to this topic.



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Alternatively "downgrade" to PRT 10.1, which is far superior to 10.2.  Let's hope that the next version is not as "unnecessary" as the current one.

The problem with ProRealTime seems to be that it is web-based.  There is no need for that approach.  Check out Sierra Chart.  Simple, economical, versatile....  It is simply incomprehensible why anyone with a business to run (IG for example) would ignore what Sierra Chart offers.  I need to say here that I have no interest in Sierra Chart beyond the fact that I have used it and that I wish IG would make it available, either in conjunction with or in place of, PRT.

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