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Trading Platform issues



The Trading platform and Trading App both does not show any open positions. I need to check on my open positions and see where they are upto. Lately, I have experience a lot of instability with the platform and the app. This is ridiculous. Would IG bear the loss if I am unable to close the postions?

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15 hours ago, MikeBamber said:

Both through the web platform and ProRealTime... I cannot close out an open position on US500... IG are you going to refund any money lost because of your techincal error?

same thing happened two times. Disappointed 

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Just now, thecrappest said:

I have the same issue and I couldn't close my position and I got guarantee stopped out!!!  I wanted to try and close my position and the platform was completley unresponsive!

You had the same issues last night which prevented me from Opening a trade I was waiting all day to make (Sell AUD USD from ~$0.66.  


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Just now, thecrappest said:

You had the same issues last night which prevented me from Opening a trade I was waiting all day to make (Sell AUD USD from ~$0.66.  


And the phone lines are just hanging up.  WTF man, this was the exact same issue as last night.

Both outages have cost me very dearly in the last 24 hours.

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IG's platform is hopelessly unreliable.  I'm also not seeing open positions and getting 'Sorry we can't process your deal' when trying to amend stop losses.

Would IG tolerate this kind of bullsh!t from its suppliers?  Then why do retail clients have to lose money putting up with this bullsh!t from IG?

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