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It seems like IG would rather pay boring old geezers to come on their podcasts and drone on for hours than add features to their online platform.  Maybe it's a case of the execs getting gigs for their mates?  A bit of an old Tory network going on.

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Along with the absence of a clock and market hours which I have replied about in an other thread, one of the first things I noticeed the lack of in IG coming from another platform is the lack of ticker symbols. I know in the deal ticket I can see the 'code' or ticker, but searching by ticker and it being displayed by ticker would be really useful.

Currently when you search using a ticker, you get a list of companies and so you need to know what the full name is, which you dont always know, I know I can find this elsewhere, but it is a basic ask and implemented on most other platforms. Just list companies/stocks etc by their ticker symbol, or include the ticker symbol in an obvious place. sometimes we just see a ticker talked about somewhere and want to know more, with IG finding that ticker can prove cumbersome currently.



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I am trying IG because Winwaycharts do not cater for the Australian market. I am also supplied watchlists for the UK and US markets that just list the ticker, and I am spending hours trying to find the company. If tickers can't be added then I will have to look for an alternative.

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