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MetaTrader 5?



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Hi @RFSmithers

We are actively investigating MT5 and the value it can deliver to our clients. We are looking at this very closely however we do have to prioritize the client experience on MT4. This means it may take some time before MT5 is available. The working parts that would exist between IG and MT5 are quite a task to work to and so it is likely it will be at least another year before we will see MT5. We do appreciate that is some time away, however the expression 'Measure twice, cut once' is very pertinent to what we are looking to achieve.

Kind Regards


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4 hours ago, RFSmithers said:

Are there any plans to upgrade MetaTrader4 to MetaTrader5 or also provide IG MetaTrader5 in the near future?

Hi @RFSmithers

It's something we're working on. We have a team dedicated to these sorts of upgrades and integrations. We've been pushing client feedback regarding MT5 since it's been coming in from the community and will continue to do so to give it more priority. When we get an ETA we will share it with the community. We appreciate you patience waiting for MT5.
All the best - MongiIG
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