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  1. Are there any plans to upgrade MetaTrader4 to MetaTrader5 or also provide IG MetaTrader5 in the near future?
  2. The Basics of Technical Analysis Course completed 08/18/2021.
  3. Is it possible to stop or change the frequency of the "Daily Trading Report/Statement" received through email? Can it be disabled completely or the timeframe changed (weekly/monthly)?
  4. Central bank press conferences on monetary policy provide a lot of price movements and volatility in the forex markets. Traders looking for high volatility and price swings are always watchful during these central bank events.
  5. Completed IG's Planning and Risk Management Course today.
  6. In general there is no influence. Biggest influences on a currency are: Interest rates of the country Economic situation in the country of the currency (which is why major economic reports and announcements are carefully watched for each country) A few other influences like if the country is a major oil exporter, gold mining in the country, etc... But the two above are the most important
  7. When there's no volatility and very limited price action in the forex market what does a trader do? Are the only solutions/options: Risk more capital Use more leverage if possible Extend your trading time, meaning hold your trades longer Any other ideas?
  8. Does IG allow lot sizes smaller than micro (1,000) for Forex?
  9. If you signup with a broker who is a market maker/dealing desk you should expect the broker to act as a counterparty to your trades (which has positives and negatives). You could search for an ECN, non dealing desk (NDD), or STP broker-dealer who just passes your trades to a liquidity provider without taking the other side of your trade.
  10. Many soft commodities have had a nice run also...I think in general all markets are doing decent.
  11. Thank you for sharing. If someone wants to get an official education in crypto and blockchain, complete with a diploma or certificate, where would one go?
  12. Anyway, like the other posts say, the forex market is a trillion dollar market and for any one participant to manipulate the market is almost impossible, so there is probably some sort of explanation for the phenomenon, but I still haven't found an answer yet. I've also just learned to live with it through my years of trading forex.
  13. Not strange. It is normal for me also on another platform (not sure about IG, I just joined so haven't started live trading yet) I trade forex. Maybe it has to do with the broker (market maker) wanting its clients to stay in the trade for awhile, not sure, but this also can't be the case because when I check the charts with another software connected to another broker the price movements and volume are the same as with the broker I made the trade. I've had some really weird trades where there was almost zero price action for like 20 bars and as soon as I place a huge trade (well not huge in respect to the forex market, but huge for the amount I usually trade) there is tremendous price action and volume on the charts. Being that the forex market does trillions in transactions a day my "little" trade shouldn't have this type of effect on the markets so I literally have no clue what goes on. Always makes me a little suspicious. If anyone has any explanation for this phenomenon I would appreciate some insight into why this happens. The movement on the charts away from my trades aren't just small amounts they are 10+ pips; again my "tiny" trade shouldn't be moving the whole market in this way but it does because I have proof in the charts. I even save the trade date and time so it could be replayed on trading software.
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