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newby to all this


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Hi @Bunxster

Thanks for the question

Quantity of shares- the number of shares that you intend to purchase

Order type- Limit specifies that you want to purchase at your specified order level or a better price. Which is your price or cheaper when buying

Order level-Your specified buying price

Expiry- refers to how long you want the order to remain active for, day expiry will expire at the end of the day. 

Please refer to the following link for more information https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/platforms/web-trading-platform/how-do-i-place-a-trade-in-the-platform

All the best 




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4 hours ago, Bunxster said:

Yeah still lost anda. Think I need to do some face to face learning 🤔


3 hours ago, amilio said:

set your self a demo account . I used it for a month to get to know the platform and what's going on, and it cost nothing  

HI @Bunxster,

May I also suggest the IG Academy. IG provides clients with educational content to learn the basics of trading, markets, and orders in the Academy. It is a free content that anyone can access on the link below:

The Course 3 focuses on Orders, execution and leverage :

I hope that it helps !

All the best - Arvin

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13 hours ago, Bunxster said:

Yeah still lost anda. Think I need to do some face to face learning 🤔

Hi @Bunxster

This video could help you as a guide on using our trading platform. I hope it will help for your understanding.


Learn how to:

• Find markets, place trades and set stop losses

• Custom build watchlists for the markets that matter to you

• Access our suite of tools including our ProRealTime charting package

• How to open spread betting platform: 05:00

• Placing a long trade using FTSE 100 using a normal stop loss: 10:06

• Margin and calculation: 13:47

• Placing a short sell trade on EUR/USD and using a guaranteed stop loss: 15:48

• Using Charts: 26:05

• Market News: 27:29

• Closing trades: 30:38



All the best - MongiIG

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