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Looking good!

If price declines into March and then bottoms on the 14th of March at the 30k level we will have a great opportunity to go long for new highs all the way into 2023! March 14th is the next cyclical turning point and a low on that day will signal a rally.

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22 hours ago, Kodiak said:


Buy the dip at 30K?436491437_DOWW220123.thumb.png.e56302bb574fdc51bd0f9035edccb40d.png


The Dow Jones has fallen more than 5% this year amid broad-based stock market weakness. After the recent pullback, the index has broken below its 200-day simple moving average and is now sitting near a key floor in the 34,665 area. If sellers manage to invalidate this support, traders should prepare for a possible decline towards 34,400 and then 34,000, the December low. On the flip side, if we witness a rebound, resistance appears near the 35,000 psychological level, but a move above this barrier can attract buyers and set the stage for a climb towards 35,500 over the near term.


Dow Jones Reverses Earlier Gains & Stumbles into the Close, Falls Below its 200-day SMA

Dow Jones Chart prepared in TradingView


Written by Diego Colman, Contributor. DailyFX 21st, Jan 2022

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S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX – Equity Markets Slump as Russian Troops Invade Ukraine

Feb 24, 2022 |  Nick Cawley, Strategist. DailyFX


  • Equity markets hitting multi-month lows.
  • Further volatility is expected going into month-end.
European stock markets sink as Russia invades Ukraine

Global stock markets have made fresh multi-month lows on news that Russian forces have invaded Ukraine, confirming Western fears. The markets are now waiting for confirmation of increased sanctions by the US, EU, and the UK to Russia’s aggression and these embargoes will only add to the current heightened levels of volatility in a range of asset classes. While these new sanctions may eventually bring a level of calm to the market, in the meantime expect heavy swings either way in all equity indices.

While the crisis in Ukraine remains the dominant driver of risk and markets currently, month-end equity portfolio rebalancing may also add an extra dose of volatility in the coming days.


S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX – Equity Markets Slump as Russian Troops Invade Ukraine

How to Short Sell a Stock When Trading Falling Markets

The S&P 500 is now back at levels last seen in May last year and has lost over 14% since printing an all-time high in early January. Horizontal support from prior swing lows continues to come under pressure and until the overall situation becomes clearer, further sell-offs cannot be discounted. The CCI indicator shows the S&P 500 in oversold territory and this may act as a short-term buffer against further sharp falls.


S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX – Equity Markets Slump as Russian Troops Invade Ukraine

The FTSE 100 is also under pressure but the indices’ composition is helping to stem further losses at the moment. The FTSE is heavily skewed towards large oil and commodity companies and with the prices of these commodities pushing ever higher, and with a weaker GBPUSD rate helping FTSE exporters, further losses may be contained for now. Recent losses have also pushed the CCI indicator into heavily oversold territory.


S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX – Equity Markets Slump as Russian Troops Invade Ukraine


The DAX 40, in contrast to the FTSE 100, is being hit harder due to Germany’s heavy reliance on Russian energy. The DAX is over 2,000 points lower than the double high seen in mid-November and early-January, while volatility is at a multi-month high.


S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX – Equity Markets Slump as Russian Troops Invade Ukraine

What is your view on Equities and Risk – bullish or bearish?

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On 20/05/2022 at 19:00, Kodiak said:

Almost there?1987219558_DOWmay22.thumb.png.8e01852956053ba5a28110367a36db42.png

Dow tries to stabilise after dismal week

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to last week’s 30,637 low, the lowest level seen since March 2021 when the index formed an interim bottom at 30,545, as growth and inflation worries hit.

The index is expected to stabilise ahead of Tuesday’s US S&P Global manufacturing and services PMI data release for May, at least in the short-term, and try to revisit the February and March lows as well as its one-month downtrend line at 32,234 to 32,440 over the coming days, now that a “Hammer” has been formed on Friday’s daily candlestick chart, that is to say a bullish reversal candle.

While the Dow doesn’t manage to heave itself back above last week’s high at 32,756, though, the downtrend remains very much entrenched since a series of lower highs and lower lows can clearly be made out on the daily chart.

Failure at last week’s low at 30,637 would engage the 30,545 March 2021 low and most probably also the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the pandemic uptrend and pre-pandemic high at 29,800 to 29,568.

DJIA chartSource: ProRealTime
Axel Rudolph | Market Analyst, London | Publication date: Monday 23 May 2022
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On 20/05/2022 at 18:00, Kodiak said:

Almost there?1987219558_DOWmay22.thumb.png.8e01852956053ba5a28110367a36db42.png

Great Call

Daily DJIA Chart:

Showing Geometrical key levels of the retracement AND the MEAN's of the range from the 2020 LOW


This next chart shows the previous info but with the addition of price projections from A - B from A

2 is the EXPANDING ratio of the SQUARE (so you take the diagonal of the square 1.4142 which is the square root of 2 and times it by itself) 

Notice how B was the mid point 50% level of C-D. C-D were the HARMONIC (SQUARE) ratios of the range projected upwards from 2020 Swing low #A

Also #B was the 50% level of the entire move

So the market KNEW in 2020 exactly what level it was heading to in 2021/2022!!!!!! - Just wish it had let us all know too lol

Some good strong levels still awaiting price action 



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" could be driven only by a cease-fire between Russia and Ukraine, which JPMorgan expects in the second half of the year as the economic costs of the war become fully realized for many countries, including Russia."


Yes a ceasefire would be bull trigger


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