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Very interesting podcast discussing bet sizing and risk management. Goes into outcomes of experiments that do not come out as you would expect and helps explain how you can lose with a seemingly common sense approach.

Particularly pertinent as the guest is Victor Haghani who was a founding member of Long Term Capital Management that famously went bust in 1998 and I think still holds the record as the biggest corporate bust of all time. 45 min long and quite a bit of math but worth hanging on. 



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From poker player to risk manager for a $200 billion hedge fund. Interview with Aaron Brown.




  • Risk management is not about avoiding risk but about giving you choices.
  • Importance of quantitative data.
  • Funds are always long and short and re-balance according to changing price, fundamentals and news.
  • The role of the risk manager in supervising traders.
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Guest PandaFace

I’m torn on musk. He is obviously a visionary... but so much stuff he quotes and speculated on doesn’t come to fruition. Targets aren’t met etc, and as much as he’s doing good stuff, he gets a bit idolised which i always think detracts and blurs ones vision.

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Guest PandaFace

I listen to this every week on blockchain stuff. I know it’s not necessarily your cup of T (from what you post) but would be interested on thoughts. Or the Community. It’s like a ‘news recap’ type thing. I’ll give yours a listen and report back.





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Interview with Moritz of Tradeciety and Edgewonk. Discusses day trading and swing trading differences and transitioning between the two, trading fx and stocks, brokers, banks and markets.


Also talks about educators (as an educator) and journaling. 





Recorded in mid Jan, 48 min, interview starts 10 min in.



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Guest EA-trader

My subjective opinion, after hearing this podcast was


I laughed at this map seller of the trading gold , Dr Steenbarger never traded successfully, he wrote books and sold psychology mentoring and  education. Dr Steenbarger does have the map of the trading gold, yet he is selling it through his books etc.


All the BS about volume on forex and past volume analysis, guessing the hft volume and calling it a guide to successful trading.It is the blind leading the blind, a jack of all trades, yet a master of none! No one can tell actual volume in forex. total fallacy bs.


In the gold rush, the only people who made money were map sellers of the the gold, i.e t/a,books,p/a,eas,education etc etc etc

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Guest EA-trader

Yes my highness "the high priest of noise",


This just proves "the industry is the blind leading the blind" I have tried to follow author Dr Steenbarger  on many of his Youtube videos, I have also heard over 200 psychology webinars, and I have traded every market.



another guru selling education





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Guest EA-trader

I was making a subjective opinion on what he was saying.He talked about volume and volume in wall street.Dr steenbarger is not a trader, how would he know, that volume analysis in forex is not possible, hence the fallacy of his guidance.He talks about the hft and pension fund volumes on wall street, volumes become historical and irrelevant, after big funds have done their jobs.


He even talked about  predicting ranging /trending indicator and shifts in sentiments, but Mark Douglas was the real thing, cause MD pointed out much more about not knowing "what the market will do next".It is easy to give advice, that is not practical, when the master knows nought.


I was looking for a decent debate, with like minded traders.




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Not surprisingly you have got this wrong. He did talk about volume and relative volume and it's application to indices. He then talked about the fx market and tick volume (he was asked specifically about it). He knew exactly what he was talking about.


I long ago learnt you don't debate but just randomly troll.

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Guest EA-trader

Past volume has no relevance to market behaviour for the short term trader, it becomes hindsight knowledge and useless in predicting where price is going next on indices, volume on stocks is relevant  and this pushes indices, he talks about indices ticks.This is total BS.Same applies to his understanding of forex.


No constructive debate but accusations of trolling!

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He talked specifically about short-term (prop) traders and differentiated between them and portfolio traders, he has worked with many of both groups. He talked about the correlation between volume and price movement and how and where to find it and see it.

Indices increments are called ticks whereas fx increments are called pips.


You didn't really listen at all did you, too much of a hurry to get on with the trolling.



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Guest EA-trader

This thread started off nicely, with some unusual links, then it reverts to slipping in advertising for Tradeciety (posted hundreds of times on I G forum).


In fact the tradeciety clowns were hindsight  gurus  and quite laughable stooges wanting to ***** noobs.I heard past of their podcast and shut them up.Closed it , waste of time.


Seems like this forum will soon become " come and learn from podcasts of  internet marketers "

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    • FTSE 100, DAX 40 and S&P 500 remain bid as inflation slows Outlook on FTSE 100, DAX 40 and S&P 500 following a strong November. Source: Bloomberg  Axel Rudolph FSTA | Senior Financial Analyst, London | Publication date: Friday 01 December 2023 12:32 FTSE 100 ends month in positive territory The FTSE 100 slid to 7,383 on Thursday before reversing to the upside as inflation continues to weaken in the eurozone. The 55-day simple moving average (SMA) at 7,494 capped and is doing so once more on Friday morning. Once overcome, the 17 November high at 7,516 will be in focus, together with the 7,535 November high. Minor support is found at the 21 November low at 7,446. Source: ProRealTime DAX 40 continues to surge ahead as eurozone inflations weakens The DAX 40 continues to surge ahead as eurozone inflation came in weaker-than-expected on Thursday with the July peak at 16,532 being in sight. Minor resistance on the way up can be spotted at the 16,421 31 July low. Support below Friday’s intraday low at 16,236 is seen at Thursday’s 16,165 low. More significant support can be found between the August and September highs at 16,044 to 15,992. Source: ProRealTime S&P 500 sees best November since 1980 The sharp November rally in the S&P 500 has lost upside momentum but the index nonetheless continues to trade in four-month highs as the Fed’s preferred PCE inflation gauge came in as expected at 3% year-on-year in October. November was not only the best performing month for the S&P 500 this year but also the strongest November since 1980. Resistance is found at the November peak at 4,587, followed by the July peak at 4,607. While this week’s lows at 4,539 to 4,537 underpin, the short-term uptrend remains intact. Slightly further down sits potential support at the 4,516 mid-September high. Source: ProRealTime
    • If you want to succeed in this game you have to know and understand the rules - 99.9% of people don't, but of those a few % slip into the trading success net It's not my Intention to show you how to trade or make money - I'd be loathed to help some greedy wealthy person increase their wealth, through a easy trading method, but I'm happy to show you the TIME side of the markets, because I know hardly anyone will take note or use and it satisfies my "I tried to help them" lifes reflections etc Above I showed you Gann Square of 9 showing MONTHS on the SP500 and that lots of those turns on a monthly basis came out on KEY points on the Sq9 - namely the UP, DOWN, HORIZONTAL and DIAGONAL lines/points If you quickly study the chart below, you will see lots of times the EURUSD hit some of those points nicely, look at month 218 & 257 as examples - now scroll up and look where those 2 numbers are located on the Sq9 They are smack bang on key positions of that Sq9 chart - All I want to show you is how freely traded markets are somehow landing on pre-built number sequences over and over - not every one is a direct hit, but I'm sure you'd agree in the SP500 example above AND this EURUSD below its a canny coincidence! So, lets look at the EURUSD, because the Sq9 above resulted in too many options and you'd struggle to formulate a easy to use strategy from Gann used lots of differing Squares to calculate from, he used a Square of 12 (12x12 = 144) and we'll look at that for the EURUSD MONTHLY chart (Note ALL Gann's Squares where derived from the the pyramid's!)   We'll keep it simple and just use STATIC monthly cycles, here's a 12 month cycle (remember we are using Ganns Square 12 to base this all from) As you can see its quite effective, I've highlighted the 36 month cycle with THICK lines, because its resonating with the market pretty **** well and as you can see the Square of 144 is working really well with the EURUSD (All markets will work well with differing Squares, so its not a one size fits all thing) To save a huge amount of explaining, the square of 144 has principles within it that resonate with the sacred geometric solid of a PENTAGON and we know from mathematics, that a pentagram fits into a pentagon in the form of all its sides UNFOLDED, when these open arms/points hit the edge of a circle it creates a set point on that circle and you have 5 points of 72 degrees around that circle (Remember Pythagoras, he had a secret hidden order where the Pentagram was the symbol of the order! and he was a very very very clever person)  So IF, 72 (half of the Square of 12) is important then, harmonically related numbers to that 72 will also be Important, as in the chart above we've seen that 36 was In the chart below I've tided up the chart a little and added a 54 month cycle because 54 is an Internal angle of the pentagram, its also a Hurst cycle too - I also for visuals show basic Fibonacci cycles of 38/62/138/162 MONTHS  But as we can see 54 & 36 months  are definitely causing the EURUSD to sing to its tune - Remember these are STATIC cycles, the markets are NOT static, hence why its not perfect and exact Hopefully given you some food for thought - Remember you are VIEWING Time & Price action on a 2 Dimensional chart, Price & Time don't move in a 2 Dimensional fashion, Have a Great Christmas and New Year THT
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