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Very interesting interview with Mark Lamb, Co-founder and head of liquidity at Coinfloor (UK's number one Bitcoin exchange).

Very clever guy with an interesting back story, he started buying Bitcoin at $8.

Talks in detail about how the Coinfloor exchange works as well as differing types of trading on it.

30 minute podcast.



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He talks about new regs for monetary transfers and stuff from the government coming into effect soon (around the 18 minute mark). 

Any one have any ideas? Great podcast tho. @TrendFollower would enjoy I’m sure.

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Listened to a few parts again. Would like to update my statement from ‘great’ to ‘really great’. What I like about this is he obviously is keen on crypto but he also has a good handle on his business and knows the processes for the markets...

i mean, owning your own exchange for a number of years should probably have that effect... but yeh, knowing liquidity and settlement of different assets and instruments, AND being able to say them so clearly. Solid Talent. 

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Yes it's a bit special, to have a commentary from someone who has the perspective of an intraday trader right through to a hedge fund manager and then beyond to that of running an exchange is something else. Very clever guy.

Also in explaining in perfectly reasonable terms why the 2 head offices are based in the British Virgin Islands and in Gibraltar without once mentioning tax or regulation was so well put the interviewer missed it altogether, made me laugh. 

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Very good interview with Sean Corrigan. Very quick fire discussion on Austrian Economics. Covers a lot of ground;

Hayek vs Keynes. Sentimentals and fundamentals. The econ crisis. Central banks. The next crisis. Blockchain and crypto. Capital controls. Govt controls. Cashless  society. Carney and rate rises (ha). Gold and ETF's. Current situation and inflation and interest rates.

About 1 hour.


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All things fraud. Dan Davis interview, former regulatory economist at BoE and author of 'Lying For Money'. 


We get into the various topics covered in the book including:

  • The concept of the “optimum level of fraud” in and economy ? this sounds counter-intuitive but because both fraud and economic growth depend on trust, there will always be a level of fraud in an advanced economy;
  • The types and characteristics of fraud;
  • The mechanics of different types of fraud, including lots of examples;
  • Rogue traders;
  • Why frauds have a “snowball effect”;
  • The role of primal, human emotions in fraud
  • Much more

1 hour 10 minutes.

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Thanks @Ed Crane, that one was very interesting and insightful plus great tips if you are about to pull a scam. I have seen Quoth the Raven (financial commentary) pop up on twitter regular and is entertaining but not listened to any podcasts so will tune when the charts are dull, thanks.   

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13 hours ago, Ed Crane said:

A very entertaining and very informative podcast I have recently started listening to

2 episodes particularly worth listening o are the most recent one om Tesla and  and latest bone which is an interview with Andrew Left. 

It is US orientated but the same rules apply


Quoth the Raven #65 - Tesla Shitshow, Act 12: “Staying Public” :D:D:D:D:D:D great title. Thanks for the link I've been looking for something to listen to on the commute.

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Very good vimeo presentation for longer-term investment traders who are looking to ride big trends on where to position a stop loss. Uses statistics to break down what is the best position in percentage terms using stock market data from 2000 on. Very revealing.

From Nick Radge  (The Chartist).

'The Science of Stop Losses' 15 min. (Click on the blue tab to open new browser page)


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Another interesting video from Nick Radge on 'Equity Investing With Relative Momentum'. Presented in his usual statistically backed way the trend following, trend riding strategy, which is presented in detail, is a long-term strategy that won't suit everyone but there are still a lot of takeaway ideas. Interesting, quite simple and clearly laid out.

(45 min)







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Very good new podcast with CryptoCred, lots of great advice, covers a lot of ground, indicators, money management, setups and much more replete with some very colourful language.

Includes thoughts on how the crypto markets sit at the moment.


If you missed it in another thread here's a link to Cred's study plan mentioned in the interview.


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    • The exit point set represents the bottom of the channel and a clear support level, this is how to maximise profit. There are only three potential exit points for a trend follower. 1. the stop is hit. 2. the trend is broken. 3. the channel is hit. If you wait for the trend to break you will lose around half your profit, Sell High Buy Low in a downtrend. It is also a myth that you only trade with the channel, in a clear zigzag trend you could buy the lower channel because in both trades the entry point offers very low risk. The $1249 level is not an opinion just a projected point on the channel. I have no idea how high or low Gold or Crypto or any other instrument will go, I just follow the charts.
    • @Foxy, Thank you. Spot on. I totally agree that the trend is 'short' and the current trade is 'short', full stop. That is not up for debate in my opinion. However, I appreciate that lots of other traders on IG Community follow many different trading styles and philosophies and not just trend following. Just because I do does not make it right for everyone else.  This thread is relating to potential long gold trades. So to open up a discussion I have merely 'dart chucked' a few trading suggestions. 😂🎯 Whether the darts have hit their intended spots or have gone off the board we shall find out very soon.  The problem is that there are hardly if any trend followers who make themselves known on the IG Community so my audience for this thread are not really trend followers. Your expectation for trend followers is right. They would already be short and would only exit on any trend reversal.  However, let me ask you a question. If the price of Gold went down to around $1270 levels and held and did not breach below then do you think that level would provide strong support for Gold and enough for a potential trend reversal? I personally do not like setting exit targets. I notice you set $1249.00 as a target but if your short trade got to this level then what? Does your stop loss execute and you are out? If this is the case, what if the price continues going down? If in profit, I tend to switch to a trailing stop. If the Gold price goes anywhere near $1249 then for me that is a very bearish downward move for Gold in my opinion. I would be expecting stocks and crypto to be storming upwards in this same time period with RISK ON trading decisions being made.  Thank you very much for your contribution. It is very much appreciated and for the record I agree with your post. 
    • If 20 < 50 SMA and the Parabolic agrees, then it might be time to short S&P 500 soon.  
    • Haha, I will belittle myself constantly so that others don't have to. 
    • Not to me ... I see no difference between this kind of instrument and online gambling/casino/poker.  But at least the latter have some entertainment value. This kind of stuff is a million miles away from investing and it should be illegal for providers to use terms like 'trade' in relation to them.  It should be PLACE YOUR BETS.