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Digital 100's


Hi guys sorry to bother you.


I am new to this I played the Digital 100's 6 months back on the demo account and did extremely well, took a break now looking to get back into it maybe try a bit of real money but I can't seem to find Digital 100s anywhere in the demo platform have they been removed ?


Also I found some digital 100's on the Real currency platform but the layout seems worse I have to say I preferred before where I had a full list of Digital 100s in front of me so I could monitor all the top fx fluctuations, now I don't know how I am going to get around this opening 10 single digital 100 tabs :/


Or am I missing something ?


Help greatly apreciated


Many Thanks 

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Nope still can't find the digital 100's oh well If IG cannot provide best I look elsewhere anyone has any suggestions of decent trading apps that do the digital 100s cheers

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Hi - thanks for your query. If you have a Live Account you will be able to access and trade Digital 100's. The location of where these are will depend on which platform you are using. Let me know if you have any further questions relating to this :) 


Classic Platform

2017-09-13 12_31_48-IG Dealing Platform _ Spread Betting.png


New Web Trading Platform

2017-09-13 12_29_27-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png

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They seemed to stop the digitals demo as they rolled out the new platform, but no reason why you can't request the re-imposition of demo as a suggestion for the new platform though   seems to be on holiday at the mo.

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