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Re: Swing showing number of pips



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Hi   I presume you are on the MT4 platform as I don't think the IG new or old has zig-zag. ProRealTime has a measuring tool ruler.

I have not seen a zig-zag with a measuring tool built in but you can use the cross-hairs on mt4 to measure bars sideways and pipettes up or down as well as price price.  See video.  




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Thanks Caseynotes for answering. I am using ProRealtime Platform, there is Zig Zag indicator there. I try to get number of pips to show on the swing line, it does not have to be a Zig Zag indicator. There are shown in other future platforms, but not in IG Prorealtime.

Thanks. Jim

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Trader101 wrote:

Good Afternoon Caseynotes,


Thanks very much for your help. Actually you did help me solving the question, I can now use Ruler in ProRealTime Tool to draw and viewing numbers of pips in the chart.


Thanks again.

Jim Surasak

Thanks for getting back to the Community 


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