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Re: Swing showing number of pips



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Hi   I presume you are on the MT4 platform as I don't think the IG new or old has zig-zag. ProRealTime has a measuring tool ruler.

I have not seen a zig-zag with a measuring tool built in but you can use the cross-hairs on mt4 to measure bars sideways and pipettes up or down as well as price price.  See video.  




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Thanks Caseynotes for answering. I am using ProRealtime Platform, there is Zig Zag indicator there. I try to get number of pips to show on the swing line, it does not have to be a Zig Zag indicator. There are shown in other future platforms, but not in IG Prorealtime.

Thanks. Jim

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Trader101 wrote:

Good Afternoon Caseynotes,


Thanks very much for your help. Actually you did help me solving the question, I can now use Ruler in ProRealTime Tool to draw and viewing numbers of pips in the chart.


Thanks again.

Jim Surasak

Thanks for getting back to the Community 


Don't forget you can use the 'Accept as Solution' button if an answer has helped. This is a quick way of saying thanks to the member who helped, and also is useful for other IG Community members who maybe search these forums at a later date! 

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