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I bought UJ at 14325 in the US session today. Fed minutes tomorrow so hoping for a lift up to 125.50 area.Options expiry this week so the big number seems the target. Japan put in a very weak gdp number this week and with their neighbours trying to drop their currency I think related currencies will drop too.




Keeps testing 19520. UK still has inflation - JUST. So if all goes well we may make a dash for 197.50 this week.

194.20 would be a good entry if we see it tomorrow.



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I stay away from the GBPJPY but depending on where the monthly chart for the USDJPY ends we could see a further drop.


The monthly EURJPY hit the sell price and as I have never traded on monthly charts before, I decided to test it out on my demo account...........its currently sat at 260 pips profit :smileyindifferent:

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