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IG New Platform - Alerts Pop Up




Is it possible to configure Alerts so that there is no PopUp box at all?

Reason I ask is that the Alerts PopUp Box covers the Deal Tab and a vital few seconds is lost waiting for the PopUp to dissappear again before I can press Deal and direction etc!

In short the Alerts PopUp is very very annoying popping up in it's current position in the top right hand corner of the screen (as that is where the Deal button is!). 


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Hi @GraHal you can either do as @Caseynotes suggested or have the Notifications window constantly open as this will simply put each new notification at top of this feed and chart with deal buttons will be pushed to the left, unobscured:


Also don't forget that if you are waiting for a specific price point to enter a trade, you can always just use the 'orders' button rather than trying to deal off a price alert. 

I hope this helps, and I will ask @JamesIG to include this in the monthly feedback report.


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21 minutes ago, GraHal said:

But I'll try closing the PopUps as you say if that is my only Option?

The other thing is to resize the chart so that the top is an inch below full size as the alert pop up remains in the top corner of the browser page while the deal tab moves down within the chart. Not ideal and hopefully IG will introduce an option in the future but may be worth a try if it's really bugging you. 

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Thanks kivondo, but it's still a second or so when I want to be closing my open trade in that second.

Also I have at times had several Alerts stacked on top of each other and so clicking each x to close an Alert (when I desperately want to be setting direction on the Deal tab and pressing Place Deal) I find frustrating.

Also I don't even need /  want to read the Alert PopUp as I have heard the Alert noise and so my eyes go straight to the Chart and I am either wanting to open or close a Deal.

But I'll try closing the PopUps as you say if that is my only Option?

Can't believe PopUps are not configurable.  

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If I place an order and forget it then I can't see how / what the bars are like before getting to the Order level.  Price may just spike up / down (stop hunting), trigger my entry and then go the other way! 

If I set Alerts for price to rise or fall 6 points in 5 mins then I can see what momentum there is the latest few bars and also how these bars are sitting in the overall market structure since the last time I looked at the chart.

Also the smashing it in a few seconds (as you put it) may be me wanting to exit a trade that has gone against me.  If I set a stop level exit then I may just get taken out and then price bounce back again.

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more explanation
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