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March spread-bet contract

Guest Rockette


Guest Rockette

I have been advised to place a trade on a stock using a March spread-bet contract.

What is a March spread-bet contract and how do I find it on a platform?

Thanks for any help

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Guest Rockette
6 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

Hi @Rockette,  that would be a Forward or Futures. Find the stock and click on Forward then click on the March expiry date to bring up the March Forwards chart and Deal/Orders tickets. (sere pic below)



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Guest Rockette
6 hours ago, TrendFollower said:


Please be careful.

What is the reasoning behind the person giving you advice? Why are they not placing the trade themselves? Do you trust them? You clearly do not know what a March Spread Bet contract is yet they are asking you to place a traded for a specific time period. Do they know something is going to happen in this period?

Maybe it is nothing but I worry about 'Third Party Insider Dealing'. 

Thanks very much for your reply and concern.

The person giving the advice is an internationally respected trader as part of an advisory service. I'm using a dummy account as I want to test the advice first before committing my money!

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Guest PandaFace

Yeh go for it but don’t follow advice blindly. 

(There was a certain level of humour to my reply - be careful! And test like you are doing) 

goo luck and share with community if you want to discuss tactics and have opinions 

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On 05/01/2019 at 18:49, Rockette said:

Thanks very much for your help. I've got it and can proceed OK.

I had the same question as R. However when I looked at rhe site for trading the share it did not have the cash /forward option at the top as indicated above. And what exactly is meant by a March forward contract.

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11 minutes ago, Talmid said:

I had the same question as R. However when I looked at rhe site for trading the share it did not have the cash /forward option at the top as indicated above. And what exactly is meant by a March forward contract.

rather than paying overnight charges you can hold until the expiry date without paying them. However

  • you pay a bigger spread
  • you HAVE to close them on (or before) the expiry date. You can 'roll' the contract, however this still means you close the trade, book the profit and loss, and then re buy a new position. The system / IG does this automatically but its still a close/reopen process.
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Thank you cryptotrader but I still don't understand why I don't see the option for a forward contract at the top of the page as in the screen shot from Caseynotes

i am trading ana US equity that definitely  should  have a forward contract.

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