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Change Pending Shares Order




Could someone please tell me how to cancel a pending buy share order I've placed please? I've clicked the 'working orders' tab on the IG platform but nothing happens. Just to confirm that the order hasn't actually executed yet.

Many thanks.

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2 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

Hi @garym,  there was a report of a similar problem on the demo platform over the weekend.

Thanks very much. Ah, I thought it was something blindingly obvious that I was missing. Sounds like a bug instead as this is also happening to me on the live platform. Thanks.

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@garym, that is very unusual to see that on the live platform, call the help desk to get the order removed and the problem investigated.

When you say you click on the orders tab and nothing happens  do you mean the actual tab doesn't open to show your orders and the delete tab next to the order.

You can also delete on the chart itself by clicking on the order, see pic.


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