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11 hours ago, greenscorpio1000 said:

hello can anyone explain adjustments fees  for indices , all i know is that after 16:30 GMT long your credited or short  debited . Ive only just realised this during last few weeks ,

Hi @greenscorpio1000,  are you meaning overnight funding fees? They are usually a credit for short and debit for long but can be inverted depending on the components that make up the daily calc. See more here;


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yes i believe @greenscorpio1000 is refering to the dividend adjustments.

If you are looking at say the AUS200 index, and 1 or more of those listed companies in the index post a dividend, then  that shares tends to drop on the day of paying the dividend (not always but often), and so IG make an adjustment because if u had a sell position and the index drops u make extra profit from it so to make it even theres an adjustment as those that had a buy position just lost more due to the dividend drop in the price.

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16 hours ago, greenscorpio1000 said:

yes , i thought on the adjustment fee on european indices ,long your credited short your debited ,which is like the opposite to overnight fees in general

This page and video should be of help. Notably this isn't a cost, but a cash neutral adjustment.


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