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WARNING - POA restricting access to "Deal Thru" charts Facility in ProRealTime



I am unable to deal through PRT's charts this week. The configuration of boxes and drop down menus at the top right corner of the chart window which enables one to do this has disappeared from my charts. Furthermore, the "Trading Options" which is normally available as part of the list in the "Options" drop down menu on the main window had disappeared. Basically the deal thru charts functionality has been totally removed. 


I called chart help today and spoke to a nice lady called Lucy. Despite being very helpful she was unable to resolve the issue on the phone and asked me to send her a technical report through the charting facility. Having done that I later received an email from her to tell me she had discovered the source of the problem and I quote:


  "I have discovered the issue as to why you are unable to trade via PRT. You have Power of Attorney set up which means for security reasons, we have restricted your access. If you wish to trade via PRT you will need to remove any POAs you have set up".


Now, at the moment this does not make sense to me as whole point of going to the trouble of setting up a POA is so that one has the permission to deal on a third parties (the donor's) account. Furthermore, the implications of the reply is that I can still deal on the third parties account (albeit not through the charts) if I do nothing i.e. do not remove the POA? I have to re-iterate, it does not make sense to me at the moment!


Anyone... please



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The ProRealTime platform does not allow you to trade on the platform if you have a POA (Power of attorney) as when you are logged in it is difficult to tell which account you are in and also there is no facility to switch accounts. Should you switch accounts on the IG platform then the PRT platform will still be logged into the original account and it is for this reason to avoid confusion and more importantly trades being opened, closed or amended on the wrong account the ability to trade has been disabled. 


Naturally the ability to trade on the PRT platform with a POA we can see the value in and so I do hope the facility is offered in the future. 


I hope that helps! 

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Thank you for your reply Tim. I hope a solution will forth coming soon.


What I miss the most about not seeing the deal thru facility in the top right of the chart is being able to quickly see the spread on the instrument. It helps in the calculation of the R2R ratio when in the chart and I can quickly see if the trade is worthwhile. Now I have to flick back to the platform, search and find the instrument to do that and then go back to the chart with the use of the "tear of a ticket" facility. 


I seem to have a knack of finding the limitations of various aspects of the software, I hope it does n't persist :-) 

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I can see where you are coming from in the respect to not being able to quickly see the spread on an instrument as that can be a very important consideration when planning on placing a trade, especially if there is volatility. I would be glad to share your feedback to ProRealTime so that they could perhaps consider an indicator that you could attach to a chart showing the spread for that instrument.


I hope that helps and as always do let me know if there is anything else I can do.



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Thanks for help on this issue Caseynotes I was n't aware that there was such and indicator.


I've tried it on my charts with a number of stocks and the prices on the chart are not in sync with the platform albeit some of them are not far out. Maybe they will line up when the markets are open.


It will still be a bit of "faff on" even if they are good enough to work off. I work off the daily TF and when they are applied to that they are obviously scrunched up and unable to be read. I tried them on some of the charts on my watchlist and they add what looks like horizontal support/resistance lines causing confusion with the ones I have already applied to the chart. So not something I can add to my template but I would have to add the indicator each time I am considering a trade and then remove it. Furthermore to be able to read them I would have to also drop down to a lower time frame. Easy I know but adding the two together I am wondering whether it is any quicker or more convenient than the way I described above. Will give it a go when markets are open and see how things pan out. 


Thanks again though for the suggestion Caseynotes, appreciated.



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