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Dax Charts Stopped

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8 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

Problem on the exchange? Dax on the web platform and mt4 stopped working, phone orders only. Dow no problems.

Seems to be back after a 10 min pause both on the web platform and mt4. no longer with the 'phone only' symbol.

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3 minutes ago, dan-is-dead said:

yes and its come back with a 7 point spread instead of 2 it was trading with earlier......odd....

yes, well spotted, was 2.8 now 6.8 points, some sort of reset failure.

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3 minutes ago, dan-is-dead said:

or do ig do this to limit their exposure? either way it is irritating....  

I think there is still something wrong, the chart looks sick (compared to Dow) and am seeing Oanda haven't restarted their Dax chart at all since the first breakdown around 8:20.

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Update on Eurex futures: Trading will resume according to the following times 13:15 CEST Pre Trading Instrument State BOOK 13:45 CEST Trading Instrument State OPENING AUCTION, with a minimum duration of 5 Minutes 13:50 CEST Trading Instrument State CONTINUOUS

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