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Oil prices slip - EMEA brief 20 Aug
Iran has stressed to OPEC over the weekend that no other member country should take up the slack for reduced oil exports in the face of Trump imposed US sanctions. Oil prices slip on concerns over slowing economic growth. Asia shares inch up with yuan ahead of Sino - US talks, whilst UK ministers are set to release their first ‘no deal’ Brexit documents on Thursday in an effort to prepare for a “worst possible” outcome. Persimmon results are expected tomorrow, with many in the sector looking to the release as a barometer for the wider housing sector and how a rising inflation rate will affect the market.
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Expected Index Dividend Adjustments 20 Aug - 24 Aug
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 20 Aug 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video. 
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Swing vs Scalp
How about a quick risk/reward calculation for Friday? Cast you vote in the following poll posted by Caseynotes on the general trading discussion board. Casey explains: "I saw this go through on twitter a couple of weeks ago and thought, yes, that's a good lesson. But looking at it again I just realised it was actually a poll with people voting on the answer. The results of the poll (over 16,000 votes) are a bit scary - I'll save that for later."
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Markets bounce on US - China trade talks - EMEA brief 17 Aug
The headlines today: Asian shares gain on US - China trade talks, whilst USD dips. Rating agency Fitch warned that the chance of a Brexit no deal is a ‘growing possibility’, and uncertainty is so great that it’s impossible to accurately predict a likely outcome. Reports that Amazon is looking to launch its own comparison site sent ripples through the UK listed rivals moneysupermarket, gocompare, and confused.com owner Admiral. Aftershocks of World Cup fever and the good weather are seen in rising UK retail sales (up 0.7% in July), a boost to home and garden DIY sales for B&Q, and better profit projections for Carlsberg. Oil prices slip amid fears over global economic growth. US Baker Hughes to keep an eye on later today. 
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Trader's View - APAC brief 17 Aug
The unpredictable ebbs and flows of volatile global markets delivered a positive outcome overnight, as equity markets recovered lost ground courtesy of a healthy boost of positive sentiment. The increased investor optimism came following news that US and Chinese officials are in talks to renew trade negotiations. This comes only days from the next round of tariffs due for imposition on Chinese imports into the US from the White House, which will rise to the value of $US50b worth of goods. The favourable developments managed to distract from the uncertainty surrounding the Turkey crisis, that at this time continues unabated.
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Lira rallies and stabilises - EMEA brief 16 Aug
A somewhat calm session overnight saw a slowdown in the recent rate of decline, with the ASX 200, Shenzhen composite, and Nikkei 225 all trading flat. The losses did continue for the likes of the Topix and Hang Seng, but even they were relatively moderate in comparison with recent moves. News that there will be a resumption of trade talks between the US and China authorities at the end of the month, is helping provide some reprieve for equity markets, whilst the dollar is trading marginally lower.

The breakdown in relations between Turkey and the US remains a key concern, yet with the lira seemingly stabilising over the course of the week, it seems the measures being brought in by the Turkish have held arrest its decline for now. Data-wise, Japanese trade balance moved into a deficit, while a mixed Australian jobs report saw a fall in unemployment overshadowed by the first negative employment change figure in more than a year.

Looking ahead, the UK retail sales release will ensure that markets will remain focused on the pound, following the recent jobs and inflation numbers. Make sure to look for the year-on-year figure given the volatility of monthly retail sales numbers. Also keep an eye out for eurozone trade balance data this morning. In the afternoon, the Canadian ADP jobs number in one of a handful of tier two releases, including the building permits, housing starts and Philly Fed manufacturing index from the US.
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Trader's View - APAC brief 16 Aug
Global risk appetite diminished once again overnight, sparking sell-offs across equity markets. The concerns about the fragile state of the Turkish financial system and what that might mean for markets was behind the fall, as traders sought out safe havens to park their money. The US Dollar held its advance consequently, but it was the JPY that saw the most activity, with the USD/JPY falling as low as 110.43.

Following Tuesday’s relief rally, it would appear investors aren’t quite prepared to let go of the risk associated with Turkey’s financial crisis, which is compounding fears about trade wars and slower global economic growth. The risk-off play may find itself fuelled today, as investors become wary of the next round of Brexit negotiations, due for kick-off in the next 24 hours.
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Trader's View - APAC brief 15 Aug
Turkey, Wall Street, the ASX, local earnings in Australia, China, Aussie macro economic data, and finally the UK and GBP. These are the headline topics of discussion in the APAC traders view blog post on Community. Get a snapshot run down of specific markets to help improve your understanding of macroeconomic events and discover new trade ideas.

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Turkey doubles US tariffs - EMEA brief 15 Aug
Turkey has doubled tariffs on some U.S. imports, notably alcohol and tobacco, as a response on what is allegedly deliberate US attacks on the Turkish economy. Trade war squabbles continue with China saying that US solar tariffs violate trade rules and lodge a WTO complaint. Dollar rises to a 13 month high which pressures commodities, forcing gold to hit an 18 month low.

European trading is likely to be lessened in volumes today, with French and Italian markets respecting a national holiday. However, the UK remains the centre of focus, with the latest inflation data released this morning. Market expectations of an upward shift would put further pressure on the Bank of England, despite the recent rate hike. The US focus will be upon the release of retail sales and industrial production figures, alongside the empire state manufacturing survey. Crude traders will also be keeping a close eye on the inventories data released later in the day.
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Mentor Needed! New to trading and would appreciate some tips.
Are you new to trading or need specific help on the IG trading platform? Others on Community are in exactly the same shoes as you, and we have a bit of a discussion going for those just starting out. AbDXB1345 shares his situation with the forum...

"I am fairly new to the forum, but have been using the IG Demo system since February this year. The journey has been extremely educational as I have traded various strategies and have learnt a lot from online videos etc. My problem is that I have tested various strategies, sometimes I will knock the ball out the park one week and then the next 3 weeks I will destroy my account following exactly the same strategy..."
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New: Knock-outs
You may have seen the new 'knockouts' product highlighted on your web trading platform? Join the IG Community discussion on this new instrument, ask questions if you need help, and make sure you get the most out of IG. Whilst all trading involves risk you can limit your potential downside with guaranteed knockout levels on every trade, even if the market gaps of 'slips' over your level. Learn how you can use this in your new trading strategy.
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Gold loses safe haven, breaks $1200 - EMEA brief 14 Aug
Gold loses safe-haven status, near 13-month low and breaks the $1200 support. Turkeys government has said it would provide liquidity and cut reserve requirements to Turkish banks yesterday. Lira drop whilst MSCI world equity index which tracks shares in 47 countries across the globe, down 1.1% yesterday and subdued overnight. Deutsche Bank pointed to 5 lenders most at risk in the country due to a ‘meaningful presence’ - BBVA, UCG, ING, BNPP, and HSBC - the latter of which was down 0.72% on the closing bell yesterday.

Weaker than expected fixed asset investment, industrial production, and retail sales figures were accompanied by a sharp jump in unemployment. However, while China seems to be feeling the effects of their breakdown in trade with the US, the surprise rise in German GDP (0.5% from 0.3%) helped allay fears closer to home.
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US Sanctions, Currency Wars and Financial Crises - DFX Key Themes
The financial markets find themselves in between two storm fronts. On the one hand, there is the seasonal liquidity drain that is associated with Summer trade. More historical norm than actual exchange closures, the ‘Summer Doldrums’ present a consistent curb on volume, open interest, volatility and productive trend year after year. However, the restraint is not guaranteed.

Though not as common as those Fall (for the Northern Hemisphere) triggered crises and deep bear trends, there are certainly bouts of panic that originate in these quiet months. And that is why we should pay closer attention to the other storm front that has consistently stood at the border of our collective consciousness. We have watched as growth forecasts have cooled, the limitations of monetary policy to offer temporary support have entered mainstream discourse and protectionism has emerged to threaten one of the most consistent sources of stability in globalization.
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EM currencies offered down - EMEA brief 13 Aug
Geo-political troubles in Turkey push the lira lower, whilst selling in EM currencies spreads to South African rand and Argentine peso. Asian stocks fall further on the back of Turkish issues, whilst euro slips as the usual safe haven yen, the Swiss franc, and the dollar bid up. Cryptocurrencies mixed in the aftermath of the ETF rejection by the SEC. 

Looking ahead, we have distinct lack of economic releases to drive price action. We also see a slowdown in the earnings calendar, with few notable companies releasing their data throughout the week. With that in mind, watch for ongoings in Turkey as markets continue to react to the potential further decline in the Lira and the fallout for Turkish companies.
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Dividend Adjustments 13 Aug - 17 Aug
Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 13 Aug 2018. If you have any queries or questions on this please let us know in the comments section below. For further information regarding dividend adjustments, and how they affect  your positions, please take a look at the video. 
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ProRealTime Automated Strategy Email Notifications
I just wanted to update you on a great new feature which has been implemented on the back of client feedback! For all ProOrder automated trading users of ProRealTime, you can now have an email automatically sent whenever your trading strategy is stopped (for any reason), or is due to expire in x days. Read on to find out more!
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UK GDP today - EMEA brief 10 August
Asian markets followed their US counterparts lower, as trade fears continue to impact market sentiment. Japanese markets where the biggest loser over the session, with a big outperformance in the Q2 GDP figure (0.5% from -0.2%) paving the way for a push higher for the Yen. Elsewhere, the Russian ruble and Turkish lira continue to fall amid strained relationships with the US and political concerns.

Looking ahead, GDP remains a focus, with the UK figures to watch out for. Given the new monthly growth readings, watch for that figure alongside the wider quarterly one. With UK manufacturing production, trade balance, and industrial production also being released, it is likely that the pound is set for a volatile morning. In the US session, keep an eye out for the Canadian jobs data alongside the US CPI inflation reading.
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Bitcoin longer term - maybe 500MA?
I've been reading a few posts on this and thought I may as well as my two cents rather than just tacking on to other peoples opinions and statements. Put simply I hope to lay out a couple of simple reasons why I think bitcoin and crypto will go up in the longer term time frame. This has nothing to do with 'believing in' the asset, more that it's just worth having a position when you think of the underlying market plumbing.

Bitcoin will go up for the following reasons: inelasticity, thin liquidity, human behavior, bitcoin halving event, and 'ETF city'. I've gone into more detail below.
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Post in Turkish lira really having a hard time
Keep up to date with movements in the FX market as one of our FX / Flow dealers, Ludwik, updates on significant news events. The latest today? USDTRY: "TURKISH LIRA DROPS 13.5% TO 6.30 VERSUS THE DOLLAR - will post more when possible, be careful- huge vol. spike this AM"
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Trader's View - APAC brief 10 Aug
In what was a slightly disappointing climax to the day, the ASX200 failed to close about 6300, indicating some reservations amongst investors about yesterday’s move. It isn’t the first time that the local market has failed to hold above that level, raising questions about the substance beneath these sorts of moves higher.

So far, reporting season has delivered some respectable results, which — assuming if it continues — will give impetus for pushes higher. However, considering the vulnerability in bank stocks owing to tightening funding costs and slow credit growth, coupled with flatness in the materials space due to softer commodity prices and trade war fears, a sustainable move higher in the index must questioned and approached carefully.
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Oil slips 3% - EMEA brief 9 August
Asian stocks were largely higher, with Japanese indices providing the one outlier amid a wider rally led by rampant upside for Chinese and Hong Kong stocks. One major drag has been energy stocks, coming off the back of a 3% fall in crude prices yesterday. The New Zealand dollar fell sharply, after the RBNZ governor set out a timetable which saw rate remain at rock-bottom levels into 2020. Elsewhere, Chinese CPI and PPI came in higher than expected, with CPI in particular rising from 1.9% to 2.1%.

Looking ahead, the data remains relatively thin on the ground, with US PPIP and unemployment claims providing the only highlights. Earnings-wise, keep an eye out for figures from the likes of Macy's, Viacom, and News Corp.
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Trader's View - APAC brief 9 Aug
Geopolitical ructions became the dominant theme late in North American trade, setting up a day for Asian markets distracted by trade-war developments and rising diplomatic tensions in other geographies. The heightened trade war anxieties were piqued by news that China would be slapping retaliatory tariffs of 25 per cent on $US16b worth of US imports, in response to the Trump administrations go-ahead earlier in the week to implement comparable tariffs on Chinese imports.

The trade concerns were then exacerbated by news that the US would increase sanctions on Russia for its involvement in poisoning an ex-Spy in the UK. Both stories are fresh but add to already tense diplomatic relations between the US and China, and the US and Russia: expect the news to rattle Asian and European markets, which have proven far more vulnerable to geopolitical risks.
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Tesla privatisation and what it means for my IG positions
The helpdesk has had a number of questions relating to Tesla and the tweets last night from Musk. We have a few answers and continued discussion on the IG Community forum which leads from the following question: "As a UK-based investor, I have a number of Tesla shares in my ISA portfolio. If Tesla were to succeed in their bid to go private, I would like to keep the majority, if not all, of that stake as Elon Musk has suggested Tesla would not only make that possible, but actually encourage."
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Tweets boost Tesla - EMEA brief 8 August
Earnings solid coming from the US continues to push futures up overnight. Oil prices held steady, supported by a report of rising U.S. crude inventories as well as the introduction of sanctions against Iran. Elon Musk tweeted last night regarding taking Tesla private. Stock up as he quoted a $420 price target. Today there’s a 39.1 point FTSE div (updated from 39.0 on the dividend adjustment post) and a 25.8 Dow div.

UK earnings from key firms such as Prudential, Glencore, and G4S help to offset a lighter macro calendar, although we do have a speech from FOMC member Barkin, plus weekly crude inventories and a New Zealand rate decision.
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GBP 11 month lows - EMEA brief 7 August
Whilst GBP has slipped to its lowest level in 11 months on Brexit ‘no deal’ fears, Asian markets were largely in the green overnight, coming off the back of a US session which saw the Dow within touching distance of record highs. Interestingly, Chinese stocks were the main outperformer, with fears over their trade war with the US dissipating for now. The buying is however supported by below average volumes today questioning the sustainability thereof. The one outlier came from Australia, with the ASX 200 in the red despite the RBA deciding to retain their historically low monetary policy stance. Elsewhere, crude prices rose, with the imposition of fresh sanctions on Iran raising rumours that they would seek to close the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation. 

Looking ahead, there are few events of note worth watching out for, with much of the eurozone data already released from Germany earlier this morning. Coming off the back of yesterday’s weak German factory orders number, this morning has seen a greater deterioration in German Industrial production and trade surplus than expected, in a clear response to the breakdown of trade with the US. Elsewhere, look out for the UK Halifax House Price Index (HPI) and Canadian Ivey PMI releases as the only events of interest. The corporate calendar is a little more interesting, with Walt Disney and Snap earnings due out later today.
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