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  1. In my demo account I cannot see any update since last night at 22:01:01. I can see market data in PRT. I cannot trade (Buy/Sell or close positions) on IG web platform, PRT or mobile. I tried to close order in PRT but my order is being rejected!!! Luckily this is demo account, if this happened to live account what would I do. It also says "Phone IG to trade". Please help out, what is going on?
  2. @ArvinIGlooks like charts are working now. Thanks for resolving the issue.
  3. I can confirm that charts work on 10 second timeline. but no other timeline is working. I'm using ProRealTime to do paper trading with IG now, evaluating it in that way. No chart issues there, but I'm having issues setting spread bet size of 0.6. In ProRealTime I cannot figure out how to do that. So I need to open a position in IG web platform and then switch to PRT. PRT looks so old and outdated but the chart in it self is pretty **** good thing. I've folen in love with it. It has some pretty good features (I use TradeView as well). But overall not that happy with IG, still not out but not going to go live either. Not until I gain some confidence in IG support and see some client care.
  4. I'm having the same problem. Demo account, evaluating IG platform. No data in charts since Friday 24th of September. On the top right hand-side corner you can see todays date and time while on the chart there is nothing since 24th of September.
  5. It looks like it is an issue with demo accounts, as I'm also evaluating IG before I invest. ArvinIG, is this something you can try, see if charts are working on your demo account. I'm a software developer myself so would not approach you if I couldn't resolve this issue myself. Charts are working fine in ProRealTime but not on IG web platform iOS app or Android app. Now you have a second user confirming the same issue. Therefore in interest of IG it would be preferable that you raise this issue with technical team and resolve it for us. I see no need to chase for resolution if you as a company are not interested to do so. So far happy with the platform but this issue is a deal killer.
  6. I have deleted browser history and cookies, solves nothing. Same issue on my iPhone app as well as Android app. My brother who lives outside UK has the same issue. In ProRealTimeI can see data in charts, but on on IG web platform, or iPhone app or Android app. Very unlikely that this is issue with my devices, it is either server issue or something wrong with my account.
  7. No chart was updating all day for me. The same was on browser, iPhone and Android. The same was reported by friend of mine as well. Is this some general issue that is affecting everyone or is this localised issue, and how can we resolve it?
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