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  1. Although there is still no L2 for the US market via L2, right @CharlotteIG? That would be another point to pick up with the desk or whoever is owning that service.
  2. Well you can get reversals with every chart size. Question is are you trading the reversals or are the reversals catching you off? Going live daily and doing it in front of the camera not enough?
  3. What chart would you recommend then? I think in the first 10 mins of the day, the 1min chart works best, everything else is just a single bar jumping up and down - no entry possible. Afterwards, the 5 min chart should work pretty well. I might be focusing too much on the 1min chart after like 3pm, where the 5min might be better suited.
  4. Yeah agree, bit of overtrading. Analysing my past days, it seems that if I had closed the books at like 3pm (half an hour after market open), I'd be better off. My first 2-4 trades of the day seemed the ones with the highest success rate. Straight at the open, first pullback. Afterwards I typically jump in too high and lose it again. Let's see what tomorrow brings, but maybe I should work with dynamic position sizes. Like first trade of the day with 100% size. If in profit, then scaling back to 50% and after 3pm to 25%. That way you might add a little more to your profit or lose a little, but not all the profit you made. Question is, if first trade is in the red, then downsizing won't bring you back in the green, so then either call it quits straight or go in again with 100% until max loss hit. Mindful this goes against Ross strategy though. Think he plays the first trade of the day small (create a small cushion) and goes up in size afterwards. Dunno
  5. Alright, it's been a psycho thriller today Ending the day down: £107.40 Good start with PCG, two trades in the green. Then two trades in the red. Essentially back to 0. Then saw TGTX going wild on the scanner, so jumped in. Obviously, I made it again to just buy the top of the move. Happens to me all the time. Lost a few bucks on that. AR, also from the watchlist was next. Total thriller. My first position went straight into the red, then I took another position on the reversal. Worked out in the end with £36 and £30 profit on those two positions, but been sweating all the time. In between small trades on TGTX again, but stopped out at break-even. Finally DTIL. Shouldn't have really traded this. Down 40% on the day and was trying to catch some reversals. Didn't work out. Should've sticked to gap and go, then at least would've finished the day on break-even. My account is still up, but back at £683.7. Let's see if I can bring it back to £1000 this week.
  6. That's what I'm gonna be looking at. Gameplan: Focus on basehits (£10, £20 profit). Don't go into red. Daily goal: £100
  7. Still on Demo mate. Will only go back to live in January and only if the Demo account has at least grown to £2k.
  8. Ok, another red day for me today. Wasn't really having any luck today. First I was trading ECPW, but got stopped out at break-even 4 times in a row. Then I jumped onto KLXE and made some nice profits: £82 I thought only £18 short of my daily goal, must be possible to find something else to trade. I saw WLL popping up on the Momentum screener and jumped in. That's when things went wrong. I nicely caught the end of the move. God dammit! Once I realised that I tried going short, but also didn't work out. Although would've been a nice one to short - but guess I was already at the end of my patience at that point. Learning of the day: Realise when it is a slow day and take the profits you made, no matter how small. Small profits are still better than small losses End of the week 2 stats of the small account challenge: Weekly Performance: -£117 Account Balance: £791 Total performance: +£291
  9. Not the most exciting watchlist today Goal: £100 (would also make me break-even on the week)
  10. Also found one where the maths don't end up LXRX - market cap $449m > $250m - but still not tradeable
  11. ok nice one @Caseynotes quickly checked today's scanner and seems to match SAVA, BHAT, CRIS not tradeable, cause market cap too low @CharlotteIG How can we put a request in with IG to lower that threshold to maybe $50m? That would help us a lot
  12. @CharlotteIG That would be fabulous to have confirmed from official side. If this is the rule, at least we can plan with it
  13. Ross made 74 bucks today. Maybe we should lower our expectations a little. Shoot for £50 profit target instead of £100 with £500 funds. If my profit target today would've been £100 (£1000 account size), I could've stopped after my first trade and walk away. https://youtu.be/mrpFiHkWENo
  14. Still not dropping, wa? Tomorrow will be better - we just need to overcome emotions. Tricky bit
  15. I'm done for today Been a lousy trading session After about 10mins I could've locked in my £200 daily profit goal. Failed to do so. Now ending the day down £190. That's what I was trading Good start, capturing the move from 900 up to 1100. Then got burned on what I thought would be a reversal. Then at the actual reversal I placed a couple of trades, but somehow got stopped out all the time, where this should've been some easy profits from 950 til 1050. Weird one. Let's see what tomorrow brings - currently down £98 on the week, should still be possible to finish the week green
  16. Anyway, game-plan for today (Note: Last, Volume and %Chg is yesterday's data)
  17. @CharlotteIG Exactly as @nit2wynit says Scanner today IG has all those tickers on the platform, but AKER can't be traded at all (long or short) BNGO can't be traded at all (long or short) DLTH can only be traded long (going short is not possible) SEAC can't be traded at all (long or short) EXPR can only be traded long (going short is not possible) ... Is there a system behind why some of those are long & short restricted and some of those are short restricted? Short restrictions make more sense to me, if you can't borrow you can't borrow, that's fine. But long restrictions don't make much sense to me, other than IG wants to protect their capital.
  18. Keep going mate - who's at 1mil first - this is here the question Also we need to switch to live first
  19. Nice one, trading these hours, lol. Market must be closing in about 6 minutes
  20. @CharlotteIG Can you elaborate if IG is using any set criteria to restrict clients entering either short or long and short positions in certain tickers? Or is this a manually placed restriction set by the trading desk?
  21. Nice work mate - I'm back in the game tomorrow Ross did -$12 today, so maybe good I wasn't in the market today
  22. Still green on the week mate, so all good. Didn't lose everything I made No trading for me today unfortunately, am busy with another project. The funding for my live account got to come from somewhere, right Wish everyone else good luck today! Btw, Ross did yesterday make his money on DRIO, the leading gapper. We can't trade this on IG, is this all a **** **** crappy conspiracy against us, IG???? For those interested, he also stated his account fees, which are £105 per month for the direct market access platform ( @Caseynotes was wondering this once) and about $2 commission per trade. Also he needs to tax his profits. So from the $158 he made yesterday, he pays about $16 in commission bringing him down to $142. After 40% tax, he's at $85 in profits. Who's better off now? UK Spread-betting or Ross? With SB at least I get to keep the full £158, if I make them, but can't trade everything. Will be real interesting to see, which account grows faster in this challenge. Ross is obviously the better trader amongst all of us, so reckon will be quite difficult to beat, even if we have a SB bonus https://youtu.be/_EDKOfOIJiY
  23. Ok mate here you go, hope it helps you @nit2wynit Let me know if it still doesn't work for you, pal