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  1. I think that IG definately 'make' when traders lose. I mean why hedge all 'excess' trades if you the broker (IG) know that the majority of people lose - it does not make sense. As caseynotes says they may split the traders into book A & B. But again why hedge people you KNOW will lose ? Yes, that would decrease risk but lose substantial profits. IG are far too profitable to make money from just the spread - to me it sounds ridiculous. Their statement someone highlighted in this thread is highly ambiguous. If 10 people place trades and 9 lose and they risk say £100 each - where does the £9
  2. Interesting conversation about HOW IG operate. I have to agree with Larry trading here. IG always say they do not take the other side of the bet. BUT the fact is when you trade with them you are absolutely not in the real market, your money stays with 'Bank of IG' - so far as I am concerned if you lose they win and vice-versa. As Larry said you are placing a trade or a bet against the data feed that IG supply - that's it. There is no one on 'the other side' of your trade. The only time IG put it out to the real market is if their risk model requires that, i.e. everyone is taking one side,
  3. Day trading ! you are funny. You have better survival hopes running directly in front of a red bus and making sure you are simultaneously shot in the head whilst ensuring that Jack the ripper is waiting to assault you. Day trading...its fun....Let me know before Jack gets to you.....
  4. Yes of course - they do NOT make money from trading, if you could why sell a book / a course / a tip-sheet? ALL BS. Trading IS brutal. Totally. There is no logic in it at all, no one knows how the market will move, the only ones that MAY know that are the big boys who move markets. I dont think a lot on here even know they are not in any real market ! Again to make money you need IMHO a big £100k PLUS account.
  5. Matey how is anyone on here going to know that ?! What happened at 2.55pm..... could be a million reasons. BTW if you think you are going to get an 'edge' listening to the 'news' or reading US Stats, you are deluded. Really.
  6. Yep. more like 95% of people. Remember lots just break even only. That leaves 5%. And out of that only 1-2 % IMHo actually make money because they have the 'knowledge' via experience and MONEY. You need a large account to make money, otherwise pocket money, unless you start gambling.
  7. Yes totally crazy. Yesterday Friday early evening I deliberately placed a GS on my Algo (I usually do not) to see what would happen. The order was rejected because not enough margin in my account - which was good actually and teaches you something there & then: Don't fund account too much. BUT if that margin WAS in my account my Algo with just a 50 point stop, that I am requesting is 'guaranteed' (by ticking their box) will likely be completely over-ruled by IG, the Algo hence would 'run' with me thinking I have a '50 pt GS' in place when the REALITY is I have a stop that is a whopping 1,0
  8. thats good advise, I have already lodged a complaint as I have written on this forum about my automated system having a guaranteed stop that actually is NOT guaranteed by IG at all apparently. They IG just over ride your algo and implement their own stop level. they do not tell you at all and worse still YOU are liable if that 1000 pt stop gets hit (on the DAX / GER30). Oscar
  9. Yes all this is wholly unacceptable, They IG, do not seem to have any clearly defined rules in place. For example after I placed a GS which I normally do not and saw that it was placed, by IG over a 1000 points away on the GER30 last week and as I have said they say they've changed 'the rules'. then last week my PRO REAL CODE was stopped bcos it did not meet their "min. stop distance rule" conditions - like it always did, so I get that. So sometimes they implement the old system of stopping your strategy which is correct and now they say they just implement THEIR stop level ! I am curre
  10. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TRADING, where a demo account is never the same. You may want to see my comments about so called ' Guaranteed stops' on automated trading systems like pro-order.
  11. Hi there Not sure about your GS feature on FX but I have complained to IG officially the other day about their rules about GS on automated systems that run, in my case thats Pro-Order. I had been running this last year for 8 months till October. Basically when they changed their 'Minimum stop distance requirements (MSDR)' your automated system would close down if it did have a stop that was less than their MSDR rule - all good there and understood. BUT I ran that same strategy last week on a Friday and placed a GS on the pro-order by ticking the box. When I looked at my screen, shockingl
  12. do these dividend days only apply at / from a certain time ? I auto-trade btw.
  13. Hi All If you are classed as a 'professional trader' can you still have a Guaranteed Stop on the MT4 Auto-Trade (EA) Platform ? Oscardax
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