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  1. I am aware of all of the above but you will not disclose the 'lolly' will you - why not ? So you make 5, 7.4, 15.2 or 29.8% I do not care. I want to know your returns per annum. Come on now. I will tell you mine : 12.3%. YOUR TURN. I mean you giving the figure is not gong to 'effect' you is it ? !
  2. thanks @ TrendFollower for all your helpful info about this subject. A lot of funds seem to be slowly allocating less funds to TF - like the well known Winton, as your link says. Out of curiosity as you are a specialist in the TF field, what approximately (I don't need exact figures) have been your TF % annual returns after the costs of Spread-betting over say the last 5 years? Do you feel that these returns are better / worse than other strategies like buy & hold or even discretionary day trading, which I read you sometimes partake in. Thanks.
  3. do these dividend days only apply at / from a certain time ? I auto-trade btw.
  4. Hi All If you are classed as a 'professional trader' can you still have a Guaranteed Stop on the MT4 Auto-Trade (EA) Platform ? Oscardax
  5. Hi All, Can you use an MT4 'Expert Advisor' with IG to strictly Spread-bet (NOT CFD's) ? I currently use PRT with IG to spread-bet but am thinking to use MT4 instead. Oscardax
  6. Hi Will, yes i fully agree and generally I do check at the end of the day but technically I should not have to as my system is operating 24/7. Obviously there are always going to be times when you are abroad with a poor signal or say ill at home or any other odd event, an SMS and e-mail from PRT would really help. Bottom line is that these are meant to be automated systems - if you have to keep checking them or any checking ANY automated system, it ceases to be 'automated' IMHO anymore ! Thanks - Oscar Dax
  7. yes fully agree, i think you can stop pro order on your mobile app though ?
  8. GraHal, many thanks for that, yes hopefully on its way soon by PRT. I am ALWAYS (24/7) in the market with my pro-order system. Hence the only way for my system to stop is generally if IG change the minimum stop required on say the DAX (which I trade) which conflicts with the stop 'set' on my pro-order. So I guess I would tick 'option 2'. Out of curiosity I cannot see this live on pro-order at the moment, where did you get that 'Position and order status after stop of systems' snippet from ? ! Oscar Dax
  9. I found out a few weeks ago after I contacted IG that if you are live trading PRO ORDER by PRT and the system shuts down, because say IG have significantly increased the minimum stop requirements you are NOT warned of this at all - which is quite shocking to say the least. You are live trading a system with real money, it shuts down (for any number of reasons) and you do not know about it until you log in again ! I cannot understand why the PRT software does not incorporate this simple step i.e. system closes, send the user an email or SMS. I mean when you are trading real money and the system closes it could cost you a lot of money, if you were away for example you could be totally unaware till your return...I did email IG actually a few weeks ago and even they were surprised and said they'd forward this to PRT. But this could take ages to incorporate it into the new version. Again I am really surprised here !
  10. Hiya, I have called IG and have been told that hey do not hold historical data when they have significantly increased the Minimum Stop distance on, say the DAX. For the purposes of back testing on PRT if you do not know when IG, say significantly increase the Minimum Stop distance, because of volatile markets, and you have a Pro Order system running (with a designated stop) that Pro Order system will STOP - as it has not met the minimum stop requirements of IG at the market at that time (this happened to me a few weeks ago live trading pro order) on the DAX. So if you are back testing and do NOT know that IG on a certain date & time have increased the stop significantly - your back test results are completely useless as in reality the PRT pro -order system would have shut down ! I am really surprised that IG do not publish this info on a spread sheet - it would be so easy and importantly enable accurate results when back testing on PRT.