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  1. Can I ask a Q: As we can see people are buying a lot from supermarkets, when does the price move? Do we have to wait for the quarterly figures or does price just go up day by day?
  2. What online media channels do you listing to? for the record a big time move to the downside as I have only just read this thread now..I have tried on bitcoin but it does scare me as it can moce so much in one day. I guess you need a longer stop loss in?
  3. Lovevly thank you Charlotte, I guess I want to know is it better for me fees wise to buy shares rather then buy shares of the platform dealing Thanx again C
  4. Trend seeker at the time I was shorting from the 9th April and had 2 weeks of ITM, I did well Trading time about 7'30pm until 9pm @ the time when people where panicking an selling hard : I sold the wall st and the sp500 and oil on the ups and over night used S/R on the US indices with help from fundamentals. I used no indicators apart from 10 15 20 50 100 and 200 moving avarage on a 5 min time scale and waited until it was a good price to sell. I am now sitting on the side lines as it is wey to choppy. Thank you for feedback on rebound, think it will be a slow wait. As long as the news keeps pumping out bad news it is a tricky one! Can't believe the pound hit 114 this week, Mad ah.
  5. Not sure best ring the London office. I have never been treated like that. Customers service is good. What platform you using and country?
  6. Tricky one mate. This is why stops help unless you are scalping and infornt of the screen. Yes I agree there will be a correction its when is the big question? Remember this, might help: Markets are like a lift going down but then users the stairs to go back up. Good luck and let me know how you get on? TreV
  7. Hi guys, Done very well on the sell off's Big question when will it do a correction and how long will it take for this to happen?
  8. Did you get an info on this matter?
  9. I am very interested in a share dealing account. Can I ask its not the same as spead or cfd trading? No margins? Do you have any other videos on learning with the share dearling account. I do have a demo and have all acces to shares but would it be better off trading with a share dealing account due to commission and fees lower? Thanks for your time
  10. Why cant I get boeing on my charts anyone help ?
  11. Very interesting and long term chart analysts Mercury. Why is it that we think that charts follow these types of patterns? Would It be right that traders have the maps "CA" and we all tend to follow? Please inlighten me your thoughts? Good work on the history plotting.
  12. Ok sounds like a good plan. Are you working on a SB or CFD Micro or Macro? and if so to any is it a UK account buddy.
  13. The bottom line is you’re making any money...Am I missing something?
  14. £500 Margin/Acccount size ? Please explain
  15. That is good to here Dmedin. If it is done right yes you can do well. My only gripe atm is I have switch from ozzi acount to a Uk spread account. However finding realy tricky to trade on a 10k account as margins are just stupid! where as margins are so much better to trade with overseas and done realy well ITM. Maybe i should of stuck with the uk acount when the esma rule kicked in last year. That been said I can still trade with the ozzi account but the word is esma ozzie rule is coming tho them as well. Help ?