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  1. Hi and welcome, I had the same thing that happened to me on Bitcoin. Should of hit my Limit, did not: Very high in spread. Ig said it was to do with Mid trades? If you know whats the difference of Mid' Ask' Bid? at the trade you put on? this would be helpful. All the best. Trevbeats.
  2. Hello Welshman, Can you tell me how the Elliott Wave principle works? Cheers buddy. Trevbeats.
  3. Ah thank you dash1 for your reply. I am still on the learning curve of forex trading and getting used to the platform, about 9 weeks now. I did look at the PRT charts,,,,,**** it was a bit scary so not quit ready for that as yet. So my next question if you can advise me? Is it ok to trade on there classic platform? Some limited features on the normal charts like the drawing and lines and lack odf colours etc. Do I need to get on the PRT before I put real money in or is the classic account ok to trade on? PRT looks great but so much more options and more to study it's a bit mind blowing at this stage. [Yes Binary option] I can't believe I use to trade on expiry times! that's way to stressful, at least you can pull out of a trade when you wish. I am still working on my demo account [21k up to date] good so far, however I am trading with no emotion so I guess this is why I am taking more risks and keeping positions open until I am in the profit. Very good point on the low account to new traders, as this will be me when I put in real money in. So now my trades will be much less on the pip, between 0.50 to £7...this I hope will make it real for me and getting prepared for RM. Yes I live in the south east Kent. Trading groups sounds great that would be a great help, where can I get started on this? Economic news I do use to serve my trades. However when its positive it turns out negative and that can be miss leading and frustrating.. I get the morning call from IG to my email as I like the FTSE 100. but IG don't always get the prediction right. A crystal ball is what we need,,,haha. Thanks for your time buddy. TreV...
  4. Ah thank you for to my reply. I think i'm on the right page: My stop could be missed and my trade goes out of control leading to blow out the account. So you have not used GS can I ask why?, would I be right: to use a GS this is only if there is a fast crash to my trade?{ but when do we know if there is going to be a crash. Or is it safe to just to place normal stops in? Regards Trev..
  5. Hi Dash 1, A great read my friend and some good advice you have here. You on the money by having a trusting broker as its hard enough to trade let alone. I got into this new adventure of trading and was hooked about a year ago. Its a strange funny out come but ended well with some persistence in my part. "Big mistake I got into binary option"!!! with a dodgy broker in cyprus I will not name them, but lets just say they want you to lose your cash! Anyway long story short I got all my investment back and manage to get my trading volume up and beat the silly bonus rules to make a withdrawal and a quick exit from them! So all good now. So this got me thinking I have always wanting to try and play with the markets. So done some heavy research of who to use as a broker. Then I found IG and very impressed in the company and the platforms they offer. It was all about trust for me and I think I have found this. Now its time to learn to trade without distraction. My word so much to learn and the best way was to use the demo account which I have been using now for about 9 weeks...There is times where my trades have done very well I'm wishing it was real money and eager like you say to just go for it...? ...haha but I am taking my time to read read and learn the platforms etc before it all becomes real for me! Up to date so far: I am day trader, price action, news events trading and now getting into indicators and charts studying, candle sticks, support & resistance. These tools has help me in many ways. Be great if you can share some good advice for a new trader like my self to make it real. All the best Trev.
  6. Hi Caseynotes, Yes what a shock to the markets of that massive down turn on the GPB...It is a strange one as the GPB is never knowing where it should be at the end of the day.? I am new to trading and being working on my demo account and doing ok so far. Can you give advice on the guaranteed stops? If you place a stop: why would it not stop you the trade you are in? so why is it best to use guaranteed stops? Thanks for your time. Trevbeats.